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Mar 2, 2008 02:36 PM

Ideas for 30th birthday celebration w/ 15-20 ppl

My girlfriend is turning 30 in April, and I'd like to gather a group of 15-20 people to celebrate with her.

What I have in mind is a place where we could have some sort of private space (does not need to be a whole room) where we could order some food/appetizers and drinks. I think we'd prefer buffet style over a sit-down meal.

Would like a fun place but not too noisy so we all can hear each other.

Location is pretty open: Brookline, Brighton, Allston, Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, or other neighborhoods nearby.

Thanks in advance for your ideas, and let me know if you need clarification.

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  1. If it makes any difference, we'll likely do this on a Friday or Saturday night - so ideally a place that doesn't get so jammed you can't move!

    1. I recently had a 10 year graduate school reunion at Silvertone's on Bromfield St. They have a lovely separate room off to the left of the main area. It's pretty big, has its own bar and restrooms and you can pipe in your own ipod which was a feature I loved. There was a $250 room fee and you have to guarantee at least $1000 in sales. We ordered a bunch of appetizers and had a cash bar. It was great and I would definitely have a party there again.

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        Thanks Lissy. I think we're probably looking for a bit less expensive - if we have 20 people, that'll end up being $62/head... any ideas for something that might be more like $20-30/head?

      2. I threw a surprise birthday get-together (18 people) at The Independent in Somerville on a Friday night in Jan. It was just reserved tables in a section of the restaurant, but everyone hung out at the bar until the guest of honor arrived & there was no issue with crowding, etc. I chose it because of the central location (there were guests coming from all over), because there is parking (thinking about snow!) and because the menu has a variety of choices at different price points for people to choose from. There were no minimums & everyone was free to order whatever they wanted from the menu. Service was great and everyone had a great time. I know The Independent gets a variety of reviews here but I have had many good experiences there & even some exceptional ones (I particularly remember excellent steak frites and a wonderful crispy salmon dish).

        1. some random ideas:

          The tiki room (that's not what it's called - anyone?) at East Coast Grill - and you get to order the pupu platter in there.

          Mese plates at The Enormous Room in Central Square. Low key seating areas that are pretty quiet until it turns into a club around 10pm.

          Middlesex Lounge - a similar vibe to the above.

          A screened room at Fugakyu.

          I wonder if you could reserve the front part of Cuchi Cuchi for an occasion like this. I've done parties there for 12, but the tables are long and it's hard to interact.

          Many bars allow you to reserve space in them, but the ones springing to mind (Dillion's, Redline, etc) don't have particularly great food or bartending.

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            Lava Lounge at ECG...I think it will accommodate anywhere from 22 - 50 people (seriously - the sign on the wall says 22, IIRC).