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Mar 2, 2008 02:29 PM

Eggplant help

I just cut into my eggplant and I found it brown inside. I was a little shocked considering it's perfect on the outside. Anyways, I have it sweating in a colander with salt. The colour is like an apple after it's started to oxidize.

Can I still use it to make my grilled eggplant parm? I don't care about the colour since it'll be cooked and put in a casserole dish. My only concern is getting sick. That's never fun

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  1. If it was brown when you cut it, before it was exposed to air, I'd toss it. Not that it will make you sick, but why waste all your other ingredients on a bad eggplant.

    1. Probably just old, which means it might be bitter,too. I've used brown eggplant and you won't get sick, it will just be less than ideal in the taste dept. 'Course if you have enough spicy tomato sauce on top, who could tell...

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        Bingo. Sauce is the cure-all. Think of your brown eggplant the same as the apple that oxidizes and turns brown just before you make applesauce, which turns brown anyway.

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          Thanks for the responses.

          I assembled it all before reading any of these post. It didn't smell or taste bad when I liked my fingers. I'm having it for dinner tomorrow so I'll let you know how it tastes. I got the recipe for

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            I'm so glad I found this post. I am part of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), and my shares have so much food in them! Two weeks ago, I got two eggplants. I ate the first right away but the second one sat in the fridge for awhile. Tonight I made baba ganoush, and after i roasted the eggplant it was dark inside. It made me a little nervous, because I thought it might make me sick. Thanks everyone for reassuring me! I'm eating it now... hopefully I won't be sick tomorrow.

      2. JMO, I don't think you'll get sick, but I'd take it back to the store.