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Feb 26, 2002 01:45 PM

Downey Chow

  • j

Excellent chowhound David Smilow just phoned this one in:

arthur's on lakewood blvd in Downey for biscuits with country gravy...but, even better, their #5 breakfast special: corned beef hash, composed of 60% lean, unmushy, highly chopped (consistency of good tabouleh) meat, 40% onion and potato. He was raving over the top about it. Is clearly a destination.

Also, David wanted to announce that the yet-unnamed Peruvian place previously discussed in Downey is Salto del Fraile, 7639 Firestone Blvd


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  1. Arthur's is on Rosemead next to Telegraph RD in Pico Rivera. I've been eating there for twenty years and it's great! He also had another place in Downey but sold it to Mr. K's 3 years ago.

    1. Oops! I saw Arthur today for lunch and he is actually located in Downey by 30 feet and on Lakewood ave by the same. One of the Greatest Cheeseburgers ever!