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Mar 2, 2008 02:13 PM

Stone Creek Ranch in Hopewell Junction

Has anyone tried the newly opened Stone Creek Ranch in Hopewell Junction? I drive by it every day on my way to work and I'm wondering if it's worth trying...I think it's TexMex/Southwestern cuisine? The building itself looks inviting, like a converted old colonial house or something similar.

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  1. Hi solstice. I just found this post, so I'm replying almost a month later. I have eaten there several times, and enjoyed the food very much. We went on a Saturday each time, and they were very busy.
    About the house: "The handsome stone and clapboard building dates to 1741 and was built by this area's first settler, Aaron Van Vlack. A covered picket porch seats about 30 in nice weather and overlooks a small stream that once powered a grist mill." From a Pojo review of the previous restaurant.
    I had the fajitas, and bear can chicken which were both good, the ribs are delicious too. The Margaritas were awesome, and for an appetizer we always got the Firecrackers which are also awesome! It is TexMex/Southwestern as you thought, definately give it a try.

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      Thanks, I'm glad someone finally responded! Looks like I'll have to try it!

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        It was much better when it was The Inn at Stone Creek - they desecrated the building with their tex mex theme - it was such a beautiful place before...

    2. I finally got around to trying this restaurant last night. I had one of the mexican combos...a beef chimichanga and a chicken enchilada suiza. I enjoyed the chimicanga, but I didn't like the suiza sauce on the enchilada. The refried beans were good, and the rice was ok. The salsa that came before the meal tasted like it was out of a jar, but the chips were tasty. I will go back b/c it was a nice atmosphere and the service was good. We dined on the back porch and it was a beautiful evening. Next time I will try one of their bbq offerings, maybe the ribs as sdcr suggested!