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Mar 2, 2008 01:54 PM

Bisque, Chili and Hearty Soups around Chester County

I'm looking for the best bisque (lobster or shrimp), Chili and heaty soups in the Chester county area (will consider Delaware and Montgomery county as well). I've been frequenting Zoup in Frazer for the lobster bisque and the various chili they offer - very good. The bisque at the Downingtown Wegmans is also very good.

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  1. Try the lobster bisque at Gilmore's in West Chester, Duling Kurtz in Exton and Columbia bar & grill in Phoenixville. Get the Gumbo at Satchmo's in Collegeville.

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      Try the tomato with lobster at San Nicola Trattoria in Paoli, it is the best I've ever had in this area.