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Off site caterer in Westchester?

Does anyone know of a good catering company in Westchester? I'm trying to plan a surprise party for my husband and am interested in hiring a company to do hor dourves. I'm interested in doing a cocktail party set up. I also wanted to hire a bartender (as we have a bar in our house) and servers, so I'm really looking for a full service company. I believe Standing Room Only in Scarsdale provides this, and I am going to look into them, but I wanted to know if anyone had any other options for me to look at. TIA!

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  1. amybeth451, there are many fine caterers of every stripe in the greater Westchester area...several I would like to recommend include: Westchester Custom Caterers, a division of Opus 465 Restaurant in Armonk, who are capable of doing multi-themed off-site events. Contact: Chef Marc Mazzarulli or Missy Mulvey, 914-273-4676, or www.opus465.com
    Chef Laura Vecchio of Bella Cucina Catering, she has worked some of the best in Little Italy and has now launched this service. Contact: Laura, 718-829-1922, or laurav32@optonline.net
    Artievents, a branch of a fine restaurant on City Island called Artie's Steak & Seafood. They do both contemporary and traditional cuisine. Contact: Spiro Chagares, 718-885-9885, or www.artiesofcityisland.com

    1. My sisters just gave me a wonderful engagement party this weekend. They used Stanz in Larchmont and the food was great - mini hamburgers were a really big hit. Also excellent crab cakes and a pastry cup with spinach, cheese and nuts. They had sliced filet and ham with bread for mini sandwiches. My sisters supplied the wine/liquor.

      Also, Plates in Larchmont has a catering division. I am using them for my wedding dinner at my house.

      I have never used Standing Room Only, but I have heard good things about them.

      1. Pobo here again. We had a meeting with another caterer yesterday, they are based in Stamford but one of the partners lives in Yonkers and they do events all over Westchester. We have been to two parties catered by them and were very pleased. Plus, I like them. Anyway, the name is "The Best in Gourmet", Stamford, 203-978-0360. They will work with any budget. We will probably use them rather than Plates.

        1. I would highly recommend Aux Delices in Greenwich, CT (203) 698-2085. They catered two dinner parties at our house in Westchester (one for 12 people and one for about 30). The food was fantastic (cooked on-site) and the staff was very professional and polished. They provided everything we needed: chefs, servers, bartenders, tables, chairs, linens etc.

          1. We used Standing Room Only for our son's bris and we were very happy with them. Our friends used them for a cocktail party with hors doevres and it was excellent. The presentation, the food and the service.

            You don't have to worry using them. They are professional and know what they're doing.

            1. I love Anne Booth Catering. She makes everything (vs. caterers who buy frozen hors d'oeuvres at Costco.) Her food is amazing -- duck spring rolls with plum wine dipping sauce, Cajun shrimp with mango coconut dipping sauce, some kind of hoisin marinated beef hors d'oeuvre. Her bartenders and servers are great too. We had a great party. www.anneboothcatering.com

              1. Had great experiences with Standing Room only. A few other great caterers we have used in the past have been Matt Miller Culinary Productions and Thomas Preti -- a little more pricey, but definitely worth it if you want something spectacular and have a bigger budget. We've also enjoyed Great American BBQ -- I think they are the same people who own Sam's and The Mansion in White Plains (but not sure)

                1. Another vote for Anne Booth. I usually dread finger food at holiday parties. If fundraisers are the "rubber chicken circuit," catered finger food is usually "straight from the microwave." Or Stew Leonards. Instead, we got luxe treatment include a blini bar with different kinds of caviar (note to self: be sure to thank host ... again) as well as a variety of sweets (I would say petit fours, but these weren't cakey; actually the one I remember was a chocolate caramel thingy that I ate far too many of).

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                    Hi, I do a lot of event planning, and when we have done Stamford events we have used Aux Delices, so I agree they are good (so is Mary Beth's Kitchen), but primarily we use Tastefully Yours in Briarcliff Manor--we've been working with them for years and they are very good at the type of cocktail event you describe and have some regular bartenders they always use, etc,

                  2. SRO has good food and the owner is nice. HOWEVER, I was at a big event at the Pelham Arts Center recently and I heard the event manager, an obnoxious man with glasses, SCREAMING at the staff and saying horrible anti-semitic remarks. I can't even repeat what I heard here - it was so offensive. I was standing near the kitchen area and could not believe my ears. I don't think the owner was there or if she was even aware of this person, he should be fired. Maybe he was with the venue - I know she has many jewish clients and i think she would be upset to know this!

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                      Pelham Art Center has not hired Standing Room Only (SRO) to cater its events and does not have dedicated hospitality staff. If you have more detailed information on the event (date, type of event) where this incident is to have occurred, please contact us off-line at gallery@pelhamartcenter.org or call us at (914) 738-2525 and ask to speak with Elizabeth or Lisa. Thank you.