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Mar 2, 2008 01:42 PM

Your best recipes that use Splenda

Never used splenda in baking or cooking. I use stevia on my oatmeal. My father in law watches his blood sugar and will be visiting in a few months. I know that splenda can used like sugar but I'd prefer to hear what you all like to use it in. What are your tried and trues?

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  1. I substitute Splenda for sugar in a blueberry muffin recipe, and no one ever knows the difference.

    1. Does he watch is carb intake as well?

      I have a love - hate relationship with Splenda. Great in cookies, muffins, etc. I use it in coffee daily.

      Do NOT use Splenda for things requiring temperature based sugar melting - the chemistry
      isn't quite there. Brownies, blondies, and sweet sauces aren't so good w/ splenda.

      1. I've been looking for good sauce recipes that use Splenda...

        1. I don't know if I can call it a tried and true recipe, because I've only tried it once, but I used splenda in an adaptation of Mark Bittman's cornstarch ice cream recipe (I made cornstarch banana ice cream) and really liked it. I posted about that here.


          1. I use Splenda in the Toll House choc chip cookie recipe. They have a brown sugar blend and so I use that and the plain splenda to sub for the white sugar. The brown blend has real brown sugar in it, so it's not completely sugar free, but I like it. It makes the cookies a bit cakier than sugar.

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              Do you change the amount of flour in your Splenda-based choc chip cookie recipe?

              as described here: