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Mar 2, 2008 01:41 PM

Daniel or le bernardin?

Which one of these two do you like better? Any one of them in particular more vegetarian friendly? I enjoyed eleven madison--and that whole dining experience and I heard these two are just as great. Any suggestions of a better place?

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  1. I like them equally but they are two different experiences. Daniel showcases French sumptuosness and Le Bernadin French precision.

    1. I've never been to Le Bernadin, but I've been to Daniel twice. The first time was perfect, food, service, ambience. The second time I had that feeling of being a second class citizen in the dining room.

      After that, we went to Chanterelle, which was my favorite dining experience in the city.

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        Is Chanterelle the same type of dining expereinece as Daniel?

        1. re: girllovesfood

          I think not. Daniel is where I had some perfect meals while at Chanterelle only very good.

      2. Check out the wine column in the Wall Street Journal just visited both (comparing tasting menus with wine pairings) in last Friday's edition. The had a clear preference for Daniels.

        1. Le B is mostly seafood. I liked Daniel a little more than Le B and much more than chantrelle which I went to once years ago and was unimpressed.

          Per Se is the one above all.

          1. if i go to per se, i may never be able to go shopping again. :-)