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Mar 2, 2008 01:35 PM

Best Places to eat in SF

As I plan to visit SF in late April (for the first time) with my wife for 5 days , I need some suggestions for classy restaurants with nice food and good service.We like all kinds of food

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Please take 20-30 minutes to scroll thru the many, many helpful and informative posts that are already on this board. The question you have asked has been answered here many times over.

        You will also get some helpful replies if you let us know what types of food you are looking for (Asian, seafood, Italian, French, California cuisines, etc., etc.???) and what sort of price range will be comfortable for you.

        San Francisco has an enormous variety of restaurants, both in terms of foods and price.

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          yeah and I'll stop being snarky - the posters here are very passionate about their fare down to exactly which seemingly identical place across the street from the other is better.

          give them what neighborhood you're staying in, what places you're going to see, what food you can't easily find where you live (although that's rapidly and somewhat gladly shrinking) - something to grab hold of and you'll get better answers. I do wish you a good trip and despite what some say it's really hard to go wrong - going wrong can be accomplished, but it takes some perseverance.

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            Sorry for my trivial question but as I am a foreigner and new member in Chowhound I didn't have enough time to go through the other topics on this site.
            Mentioned before we like every kind of food but as we come from Europe we don't find attractive Italian or French (we have plenty of that !) We would prefer Asian, Seafood and California cuisines.
            I should prefer to tell me what is considered the "best" in every category.
            We don't mind about the cost.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                Thanks Robert
                BTW , I am related to IT Business too

                1. re: thangan

                  that is a good link.

                  Something I like to do when traveling in other countries is to browse the supermarkets. Since you have an interest in Asian and seafood, if you find yourself in the area of Fillmore and Geary, the grocery store under the Nihonmachi (Japan Center) is not to be missed, or the "wet" (live) markets on both Stockton and Grant near (below) Broadway. fascinating stuff.

                  I imagine there aren't too many Central American places in Europe and a stroll through the Mission will provide many Mexican and Salvadoreno options. Opinions vary and I've witnessed loud arguments over which restaurant or taqueria is better. So I'll let others make their suggestions.

          2. If you are looking for romantic, white linen and candles, we have them but most foodies here enjoy the noisy friendlylocal bistros. Here are a few names(all have websites with reviews.)
            Nopa (my fav.)
            Foreign Cinema
            Chenery park
            just a few and there are many more!

            1. Hill was being snarky for a reason -- we get asked these basic questions all the time...

              Start with this thread:

              Then go from there and start asking more specific questions so we can help you.