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Mar 2, 2008 12:47 PM

Fogo De Chao - Baltimore

Has anyone been yet? It's in the city across from the Cheesecake Factory on the same side as Baja Beach Club.

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  1. Fogo De Chao is a meat paradise with a surprisingly good salad bar. The meat is generally well done but somewhat salty. If you enjoy gluttony and the meat sweats this place is for you.

    1. Go for lunch, it's the exact same thing and much cheaper.

      Overall, I think I am in the minority of people who actually enjoy Fogo. I simply like meat, and that's really the only reason you should go. The meat is high quality (not the best), and I enjoy it's simple, straightforward nature. I also find the service very spot on. They replace side dishes very quickly, so quickly, I don't even notice sometimes.

      If you go in expecting some incredible dining experience, you will be disappointed. Especially if you are paying dinner price. I think it's one of those cases where people say it's so overrated that it is underrated. If you just want to eat great meat, I think Fogo does a good job. Everything is generally pricy. One major gripe I have is that sodas are very expensive (almost 3 dollars) with no refills. It's a brilliant idea moneymaking wise, because nothing washes down good beefy fat like an Antarctica Guarana soda.

      Dessert wise, their signature papaya cream should not be signature. The one time I had it, I found it absolutely tasteless. It was simply sweet cream. I did not taste papaya at all. The strawberry cream was relatively much better (although it wasn't amazing by any means). All the other desserts are standard fare... In the end, I skip dessert because I find it overpriced and not worth it.

      The wine list is very extensive and good. Markup is a bit high, but there are some good finds. Overall, if you want to gorge on a lot of good meat, Fogo does just fine. Go for lunch. Dinner is too expensive to be justifiable.

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        Some other things...

        Service is good, do not be afraid to ask them to bring a certain cut of meat over. They will fulfill the request immediately.

        My recommendation is go right when it opens for lunch. The meat is very fresh. My recommendations and favorites are the house special (forgot the Brazilian name for this cut, but it's a sirloin with a layer of fat), the beef ribs (try to get a cut closer to the bone), and garlic steak. I like salty and garlicy flavors, hence these are my favorite, and these all have significant fat content (melts in your mouth very well). I am not a fan of the bacon wrapped stuff, and non-beef stuff in general. I sometimes get the lamb (I enjoy lamb), but avoid the chicken, sausages, pork ribs, etc. While decent, I am there mainly to enjoy beef, which I think is what they do best. The top sirloin, ribeye, filet (get it rare), and bottom sirloin are all good cuts.

        Nothing washes this fatty goodness down like an Antarctica Guarana soda, the most popular soda in Brazil. Get one very time I go.