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Mar 2, 2008 12:14 PM

Peking Duck

Looking for above average Peking Duck. The places most often mentioned are Peking Duck House, China Brasserie and Tse Yang. Any comments on these? Other recommendations? Decor doesn't matter.

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  1. buddhakan actually had quite good peking duck.

    1. I think the one at Tse Yang is excellent, but that place is v. expensive and the rest of the food just average. I also like the Peking Duck at Chin Chin.

      1. I can give you two to avoid: Shun Lee Palace and Chin-Chin were both flavorless when tried during the last two months.

        1. I am also interested in this topic...what are the opinions of the two Peking Duck Houses?

          1. I am looking for an authentic Peking Duck dinner in Manhattan. Is Peking Duck House the closest I will be able to get? Does anybody have any recommendations aside from what is above? I've been to Shun Lee Palace and Chin-Chin recently and they don't seem to provide the experience I'm looking for.

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              For my edification - how does you looking for beyond what you get at Shun Lee and Chin Chin compare to/differ from those (and this is a serious inquiry, not a snark, given that I've done little, if no, searching of my own on Peking Duck in Manhattan, beyond these places, Tse Yang, Chef Ho and Chinatown Brasserie)?


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                Amazing 66 has Peking duck on their menu and judging by how good this place is right now, I am guessing they would do a good job on the duck. Anyone tried it there?

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                  the thing with peking duck is that its really a huge pain in the ass to make and you need a pretty high volume to really make it your business, so most of what people are calling "peking duck" is really just roast duck (there is a difference) that said roast duck is delicious and i always did like it in cantonese places, but again its different. Peking duck is from beijing (peking is a romanticized version of beijing). Cantonese places tend to serve a version of peking duck that is different than the original real version

                  none of the places in NY really serve a good one, i've had a decent one at peking duck house, but that was a long time ago. I think Hling said that the version at new green bo is good