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Mar 2, 2008 11:35 AM

BBQ Restaurant Recommendations for 25th Bday Celebration? (Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Torrance, LA)

I'm looking for a good BBQ restaurant recommendation in the Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Torrance, LA area.

It's for my brother's 25th Birthday Celebration to be held on a Saturday night. Can anyone recommend any good, affordable BBQ restaurants that can hold around 30 people? I'm thinking someplace similar to Lucille's BBQ in Long Beach. I would prefer it to be affordable around $10-17 a person.

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  1. Can you tell us if you prefer a place that focuses on sauce or smoke?
    If you like the smoked BBQ, then Beachwood BBQ in Seal Beach is great, but a rather small place, maybe you could reserve the dining area, which may be able to accommodate that amount.

    1. I just went to a birthday party at Lucille's, they set aside a room for 30-40 people. Don't know the cost but really they did a great job. Seemed like WAY too much food but these folks do tend to overorder. The family was happy to take home the leftovers. This was the location at the big Towne Center development near Carson and the 605.

      1. Depending on the individuals' appetites, $17 a head seems low. A rack of ribs at most BBQ joints are usually around $20 or so. Lucille's combos are around $25, but it is a ton of food and could probably feed two people.

        1. When is the party? Porky's is scheduled to open their new branch in the Long Beach area any time now. If it is anything like the original on Manchester in Inglewood, it will have great Q, big portions, and very reasonable prices.

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            Do you know where they will open, Porky's that is?

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              According to the website, 937 Redondo Blvd, Long Beach. When I was at the Inglewood Porky's on Super Bowl Sunday, Vera (co-owner) said they were hoping to open the Long Beach branch in March.

          2. Not a big Lucille's fan. It's a little further, but what about Wood Ranch in Cerritos?

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              If you go a little further south, you can hit up the santa maria bbq on beach blvd in the buena park/huntington beach adjacent area.