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wine bar for afternoon snack?

i have a handful of go-to wine bars, but none open until 6-ish. wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a place to go in mid-to-late afternoon for a nice glass and a small plate menu? prefer downtown -- as in LES, E or W Vill, Gramercy or Chelsea. Thanks in advance!

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  1. In midtown directly on Times Square is the neat Blue Fin which is fabulous for people watching while you scarf down some quality cheese plates and wine, etc.

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    1. The House on Gramercy, Otto, casa Mono are my favs

      1. I would take advantage of the time and duck into Tia Pol or The Spotted Pig and avoid the crowds.

        1. Gottino on Greenwich Ave near Perry opens at 4pm, if that is early enough for you.

          1. inoteca's open, far as i know, on the LES

              1. Casa Mono? 52 Irivng place

                1. Grace on Franklin (TriBeCa) opens at 11am & closes at 4am... Not a wine bar per se but, nice glasses avail & a fairly clever menu. Great cocktails.

                  1. great thread david. i'm an earlybird, i wish the wine bars were open earlier.

                    all i got is: OTTO, 'INO, INOTECA & CASA MONO. they are open all day and are all great. i wish there were more.

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                      well, am not usually an early bird, but my visiting friend had a dinner date lined up already. we ended up at otto -- one of the only earlier suggestions that filled the bill in terms of opening (most of the others open at five or later). she, being a vegetarian, was thrilled w/otto's selection of vegetable antipasti and we shared a pizza. am very familiar with the latter, and was pleasantly surprised at the variety of flavors/textures afforded by the veggies. thanks to all for the suggestions!

                    2. both tarallucci e vino locations (union square and east village) are open starting at breakfast hours.