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Mar 2, 2008 11:22 AM

Enfield,CT/SpringfieldMa Prime Rib

Looking for a great place to take a friend for the best prime rib dinner. He has never had prime rib in his whole life. It will be a Sunday dinner 2:00 ish or so. I know a lot of places only serve it Fri and Sat nights. Any suggestions besides the Outback?

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  1. That could be a tough one. Places I can think of that might serve prime rib for dinner would just be finishing up with brunch at 2 PM on Sunday. I checked some sites and couldn't find a one with prime rib on the menu. That said, I'd still call a few places, since I've had some recent experiences that indicate that a lot of restaurants don't update their sites very often. You might try Yankee Pedlar in Holyoke, Delaney House, the Hazard Grille in Enfield..... I know Chicago Sam's, a sports bar in Enfield, has a prime rib special on Monday and maybe Tuesday evenings. You might check with them to see if they offer it at other times.

    If all else fails, have you considered cooking your own standing rib or prime rib roast? I've done it a few times, with great results. If you get your meat from a reputable source (I've gotten terrific roasts at Highland Park Market in Suffield) it'll cook itself and taste great. Just be careful what you ask for. The true, dry aged prime rib roast (most "prime ribs" aren't prime grade at all) runs about $25 a pound at Highland Park. If you ask for a standing rib roast, you'll pay about half that, and still get a very high quality product that will compare favorably to what you'd get in a restaurant.

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      I am very familiar with the Hazard Grill, but their menu does not have prime rib. Chicago Sam's is too much a bar atmospher. Yankee Pedlar and Delaney House are great ideas. I will try calling them. If all else fails, I just might do my own. I bought one last month at meadow meats in Middletown, it was great. Thank you

    2. Somers Inn, Somers CT Had P.R. there a few times, always good.

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        Boy, does that take me back. I lived in Somers and the ex and I were regulars at the Somers Inn. It was great back then. Went there about a year ago and it was awful. The service was slow and rude (yes rude), the food was mediocre at best. I had the swordfish and it was not fresh. Don't think I would go back.