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Mar 2, 2008 11:21 AM

Dinner in B-more pre-Theater

I have searched the board for info on restaurants near the Hippodrome, and the answer I more or less got was "not really" .. Ditto on the Inner Harbor (sadly the only place I've really been in baltimore).

I am coming up from DC next weekend for a show at the Hippodrome, taking my 16 year old cousin on a cool girls night out. I will be driving, so can go just about anywhere, but I would rather it be either easy parking or relatively close to the theater so I don't have to plan half an hour to get from place to place.

My cousin is a burgeoning foodie, I don't want to take her anywhere too fancy, but she can handle a wide variety of places.


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  1. BaltimorePho - Hollin's Market area - just opened and I really enjoyed it, if you search the board you'll see my review from a couple of weeks ago. They're across MLK over in the west side, which isn't too far from the Hippo. In that same area on the other side of the market is 'Zella's' which I think does a pretty good gourmet pizza and great salads, they have a nice dining area and a liquor license.
    Failing those two, your best bet might be to head into FedHill or plan on making a bit of a day trip and going somewhere that you don't need to rush from and somewhere you really want to go as opposed to 'have to bc of timing'. Recently, friends and I went to an earlyish show @ 930 and did just that: went down to DC for what would be a late lunch/happy hour/early dinner @ Bar Pillar and were able to linger without the stress of getting to the show on time.

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      My partner is working that day, so we can't get into town too terribly early. Do you have any recommendations for FedHill, etc? As I said, I really don't know baltimore that well .. I've only been to the Inner Harbor (horrible, I know but true)

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        Yes you should consider some of the places in Federal Hill and Locust Point, two neighborhoods just south of downtown. Consider Thai Arroy, Nicks in the Cross Street Market, Magerks, or Luca's Cafe. Plenty of other options in these neighborhoods if you search this board for recent postings. Enjoy!

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          I'm not sure if the OP wants to take a 16 year old into Magerk's since it's basically a bar, although they do a fine cheese steak. Thai Arroy is excellent. Luca's is good but not really close by.

          Matsuri is my go-to place for sushi. Junior's Wine bar is a nice little place with reasonable prices and a fairly interesting menu. Ryleigh's is great if she likes oysters. SoBo Cafe gets some love here, but in my one visit I was underwhelmed.

          And for goodness sake stay away from the harbor :)

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          Thai Arroy is good, it's BYO (i hate finding this out AFTER the fact in a neighbourhood you don't know), but it's your local neighbourhood Thai joint.
          Junior's Wine Bar - i've not eaten there yet but heard decent things.
          Nick's in Cross Street is good fun for raw bar stuff.

          Midtown/Mount Vernon area(a 'prettier' part of Baltimore than the IH and more 'cultural' than FedHill):
          Iggies is a gourmet pizza place (BYO).
          The Helmand - very reasonable Afghani food, search the boards here gets lots of love
          Sasha's 527 is def somewhere I would've loved @ 16. It's fun, vibrant, pretty, has a decent menu w/ a good selection. Certainly not fancy-schmancy.

          B - in Bolton Hill (easy to get to from Hippo, straight up MLK), pretty European style bistro, cheap/very reasonable, lots to choose from.

          In retrospect I think that B, Sascha's, Helmand, Juniors, would be my picks (in order) for a 16yo fun day out. The other's, whilst good food, are neighbourhood joints and might be a little low on the 'pizazz'...I just remember being 16 and loving the grown up kind of places!

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            BTW, when natives of Baltimore refer to Hippo, they mean the gay bar in Mt. Vernon and not the Hippodrome theater. Your post threw me for a minute. 16 year-olds birthday at Hippo? ;)

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              too funny. i didn't even think about it, just trying to abbreviate!

      2. If you like Indian, you can head to Mem Sabib at Lexington Market.
        It's a block or two from the theater and very good.

        1. My parents love the Irish place right across the street called Maggie Moore's I think...they always go there before the is newer so I haven't had a chance to try it, but they always give good advice.

          1. Check out Iggy's, gourmet Neapolitan pizza (and a few pastas, salads, etc.) in the 800 block or so of N. Calvert St. Parking's okay and about a 5-minute drive from the Hippodrome. My burgeoning foodie nieces of about the same age loved it when we took them. It's BYOB, BTW. I've heard nothing good about Maggie Moore's but have not eaten there.

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              I wholeheartedly second the Iggie's recommendation!! I took some 16-20 yr. olds there and they absolutely loved it. Great vibe and great pizza. Also try the macaroni and cheese. Yum!

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                fyi, maggie moore's has an incredible rueben sandwich. they make their own corned beef in house. haven't tried much else can't seem to pass on the rueben when i've been there.

                  1. re: jwiv

                    just a partnership shake up. unfortunately maggie is gone and hence the name change. same staff and kitchen remains.

              2. Ban Thai, Akbar or Helmand. All on Charles St, all a short drive (or medium walk) from the Hippodrome.