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Mar 2, 2008 10:50 AM

Flag Hill Winery in Lee, NH

I'd be interested in hearing what anyone thinks of this place. We were there in the fall and had sub-par food, indifferent service, and the atmosphere was Holiday Inn function room. Supposedly, the chef is award winning. Couldn't prove it by our experience.

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  1. My experience? Hated it. I am a wine enthusiast so this was a must try, Sadly it became a must not try again.

    1. We stop by for the free wine/vodka tasting (love their General Stark Vodka made from apples).

      Haven't heard anything about their food. Don't they feature dinner just one night a month? And who says that the chef is award winning, their website?

      I think it would serve as a great wedding location, but it's not a restaurant.

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        My office had a holiday party there a few years ago and the food was ok, but nothing more. The wines they had then were all too sweet for my liking. The one great thing was the butternut squash soup. I still have not had better to this day.

      2. We attended a business meeting at Zorvino vineyard in Sandown NH this winter, and the food was buffet style, but very good quality. And the atmosphere was great. I thought it was elegant and tasteful. Kind of cozy for a large room.