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Mar 2, 2008 10:34 AM

Guardian Service triangle pots, anyone?

My mother recieved a set of 3 Guardian Service triangle pots for her birthday from her brother. The gift was recieved with many thanks but now we fid ourselves with a problem.

What on earth do you cook in a triangle aluminum pot? I researched the brand and found that they were made around the 40's (wow!). This was aninteresting fact, but what was more interesting is that the only recipie book for the brand was also published in the 50's.

I've found it on e-Bay but my mother doesn't approve of buying it online (why, why, why must she make this so hard?) So here's my question:

Does anyone know of the brand/cookbook? If so do you have any recipes that you are willing to pass along?
Does anyone know what we could cook in a triangle shaped aluminum pot in general?

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  1. I just ordered the recipe book from a third party seller at amazon, so I don't have it yet. You can also find it at abebooks though one of their many booksellers for 5 or 6 dollars, and I'm sure you could arrange to place the order through the mail. My mother had the complete set when I was very young, but most of it is gone, and I'm in the process of buying more pieces. The triangular pots can all be used on one burner if you have the pan that was made for them to set in, and if you do a lot of searching you can find it for around $30-40. I'm pretty sure my mom used the trio when cooking several vegetables dishes for a meal.

    Oh yes, I almost forgot, there is Ivin Bernstein who sells reproduction guardian cookware as well as the cookbook, all orders are by mail only, so that should please your mother. Ivin also sells used cookware as well and will answer all questions. This can be found at:

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      Hey, thanks so much!

      Mom was excited to hear about the pan, so maybe she'll let me eBay it...

      Again, thanks

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        tell mom that you're **online** with chowhound! ;-).

    2. I inherited my mom's entire set of Guardian Service and I use them just like any other pan.
      The advantage to the triangle pans is that if you have a large enough burner, you can put three of the pots together on one burner and cook them all together. It works for me.

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        The pressure cooker I bought in the UK had a trivet and three triangular sectional containers. You could steam three separate vegetables al gomme.

      2. There is another really great site which offers lots of guardian service cookware - not the reproductions. All the cookware is very clean and ready for use. I have never been disappointed with anything I have bought from them. If you are ever in the Springfield, WV area I suggest anyone to stop by. The store is full of cookware (Guardian, Griswold) as well as many many other items.

        1. guardian service cookware can also be used stacked to cook! Three pots the max. Place the food which requires the most time on the bottom on low heat, then the hard vegetables and then the softer things, lik rice, etc. Then cover the last pot with the tight fitting gs lid, either the metal one or the glass. A cut up chicken or a chuck roast will take about 1 hour. ENJOY!!

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            I have never heard of this and I am now fascinated. I love vintage kitchen stuff anyway and having googled them, these are really beautiful. One more thing to hunt. Sigh.

          2. The original comment has been removed