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Mar 2, 2008 10:16 AM

Walnut 'butter' for pasta?

I like pasta, and I like walnuts. I'd like to experiment and combine the two... has anyone ever made their own walnut butter (not just a paste)?

I was thinking of just tossing the pasta with the butter and adding garlic and ... x. Not sure what other ingredients -- maybe you have a suggestion for that, too.

mmmm. walnuts.

thanks :-D

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  1. I haven't made walnut butter, but it sounds dang good. I am slightly confused, though: Did you mean walnuts with butter made form cow's milk, or did you mean just mashed walnuts and maybe walnut oil to get a buttery texture? Either way, it sounds great.

    Walnuts go well with peas, beets, goat cheese, parsley...

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    1. re: Mawrter

      No cow butter added. Just think peanut butter (yeah, I know, it's not a nut) but substitute walnuts.

      To paulj -- I've made a pistachio-parsley-pecorino pesto before (if only to "say it AND spray it" '-P), but I was thinking really more of a peanut butter-ish consistency to coat the pasta, and adding some other ingredients.

      I think some shaved parmesan would work, but I wouldn't want to add blue or goat as I think it would be too rich. Something to cut through that -- beets sound great, but the man hates them.

      Of course, I could just stick to the walnut 'butter', garlic & shaved parm, and have a citrus-y salad on the side (just won a fruit basket full of ruby red...).

    2. There are probably a number of recipes on line for walnut 'pestos' - that is, the nuts ground up with one more herbs, garlic, etc.

      A book of '500 Italian' (Hermes House) recipes has one for fusilli with walnuts.
      The walnuts are toasted, skins rubbed off, and chopped. Then a sauce is made with butter, milk, breadcrumbs and the walnuts, P cheese, nutmeg, salt and pepper.

      The same book as a walnut 'pesto', using walnuts, breadcrumbs, oil, parsley, plus butter and cream.


      1. Here's a recommended Lenten dish--

        Pasta with Walnut-Raisin Sauce

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        1. re: Kholvaitar

          Whoa, blast from the past! I don't even remember posting this, nor do I recall whether I went ahead and made anything like it.

          I can't really see raisins in my savory pasta, but thanks :-)

        2. Here's a walnut pesto you might enjoy.

          You can work the pounded walnuts and herbs into a butter if that is more desirable.

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          1. re: maxie

            Wow-zah! That sounds absolutely delish. I don't eat pasta regularly anymore (wah!), but this sounds totally splurge-worthy!!! I will make this soon and report back. If I can remember, that is.

            1. re: maxie

              great choice and a farro pasta with that nut kick that Heidi recommends really ups the nut factor.