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Mar 2, 2008 10:09 AM

Stoneleigh Creek in Armonk

I have reservations for restaurant week next week here. Just saw a bad review of it. Has anyone been here and what did you think. Thanks

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  1. Four of us had lunch there several weeks ago, and that was a pleasant experience. On the whole, we were all happy with our meals, though of two who ordered the peppered tuna, one was busy scraping off the pepper because he found it too much, but the other lapped it all up.

    1. Went there for dinner this week. Service was good but the food did not impress us. We had the salmon with a teriyaki sauce which was mediocre. Very uninspiring. We also tried the soups which were just fair. Nothing left a big impression in our minds. One note: There is a blinking light outside the restaurant and the blinking light flashes through a stained glass window which can be highly annoying while dining if you have that window in your line of vision.

      1. We went once after they had been open for about two months and were very disappointed. The food, staff, and atmosphere did not come close to fitting the price or tone the menu was trying to set.

        After reading the reviews of their former establishment, we were very excited for Stoneleigh to move in. We live close by and were looking to become regulars. We've heard nothing to suggest our meal was an exception since our visit.


        1. I just got an news e-mail from the restaurant that Stoneleigh Creek will be revamping as seafood restaurant called Armonk Lobster House. The new menu will be introduced Friday, September 5th, with the official opening scheduled for Friday, September 12th.

          Neither ownership nor executive chef will be changing with the new name.