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Mar 2, 2008 10:08 AM

Carne asada at El Regio?

Just went to El Regio for probably the 50th time and realized I've never heard of anybody ever ordering the carne sure does look good in the picture. Problem is, when i think chicken, I think El Regio and go specifically for that.

If someone has had it, please write a review of it! I'd love to hear how it is...

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  1. I've tried the carne asada at La Regiomontana. Though a separate restaurant, they share a kitchen with El Regio—at least at the East Riverside locations. Here's the description from my seventh Tex-Mex report ( ):

    Carne asada taco (1 grande for $3.79)—This taco was not made with grilled meat. Instead it consisted of a heaping serving of tiny squiglets of tough, gray, unseasoned beef on a large, oiled corn tortilla. Oiling the tortilla before warming it is a nice touch, since it makes it more durable and better-suited to holding large amounts of filling. The avocado that came in the taco with the unimpressive meat was very good. Onion and cilantro were also added. You can also get a carne asada plate for $7.50 that includes rice, beans, avocado, pico de gallo, crema [like sour cream], tortillas, and salsa.

    I'm not sure which location you frequent, but maybe this will help.

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      I hit the Stassney/S 1st location. The picture certainly looks like it's grilled before being chopped up. I almost hate to try it when there's that chicken nearby if it's gonna be a disappointment!

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        Yes by all means save yourself from their carne asada. I tried it once at the Stassney location and it was like chewing on old leather. I don't care if it was a one time thing. There are too many other places in town that make great carne asada and Los Comales comes to mind. If you like rustic try it at the taco cart on Montopolis near 183 in that old parking lot Wed-Sun.

      2. re: MPH

        La Regiomontana and El Regio on Riverside share a dining/game room and storage space, but still have their separate kitchens.

        I used to get the barbacoa by the pound at Regiomontana and it was very good, but I've never tried anything else there as I'm usually at El Regio for their chicken and tons of extra green sauce (anybody know how they make it? I've tried everything). It's not just peppers, avocado, onion, and crema - not even close.


        1. re: sqwertz

          Thanks for clarifying this, sqwertz. I should have been more specific. The two restaurants do have separate kitchens—and even separate types of kitchens. However, I've seen the folks at La Regiomontana run to El Regio to get a dish that I've ordered (specifically, the chicken dishes). I've also had the folks at El Regio send a runner to La Regiomontana when I've ordered non-chicken items. This has happened, on average, once in every five visits.

          I can't help you with the El Regio green salsa, as I've also been unable to duplicate it. I can recommend some dishes at La Regiomontana. The tostada Siberia at La Regiomontana is delicious: It contains tons of El Regio's grilled chicken that's been shredded and then encased, almost sandwich-like, between two crisp corn-tortilla shells. To bind everything together, there's plenty of sliced avocado on top of the chicken, and a generous dollop of crema on the bottom tostada. La Regiomontana's tacos bañados, which are tacos filled with barbacoa and slathered in a hot, complex salsa made of several types of red chiles, are wonderful, too. I also like their campechanas, which are like quesadillas. I've particularly enjoyed them with the pork filling. They usually come with a completely different, sweet and smoky, thicker type of red salsa than the one that comes standard with the pollo entero at El Regio. I'm pretty sure that the link above contains the report with longer descriptions of these dishes.

          1. re: MPH

            We actually tried it for the first time last night from the location at Ohlen and 183. My wife and I have gotten the whole chicken dinner about a dozen times before this, its a great value meal. We tried the asada plate and a half chicken this time. Big mistake. The meat was fatty and very rubbery, and pretty bland. We threw almost all of it away.

            And I would also kill for the recipe for that green sauce. Its like the dona sauce at tacodeli.