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Mar 2, 2008 10:04 AM

where should we eat in key west?

My husband and I will be visiting Key West for five days. We're from Vermont so seafood, cuban, mexican, caribbean or tapas are of interest since we have few of those options availible up here.
Price is not an issue and we'll have a car so recs for surrounding areas would be great too!

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  1. Michaels (steakhouse), Hog Fish Bar & Grill (technically on Stock Island), 7 Fish (seafood), El Siboney (Cuban) are a few I personally eat at.

    1. For true upscale take a drive up to Little Palm Island for a romantic island getaway with outstanding food (at least it was a few years ago when I was there). It is I believe at mile marker 22, north of Key West. 7 fish is excellent as well. Louis backyard is nice for Lunch but can be inconsistent for Dinner.

      1. we were just in key west a few weeks ago. have breakfast at camille's. we ate dinner at norman van acken's new restaurant - it is tavern n town or town n tarvern - i forget which, but we had an excellent dinner. we also ate at A & B Lobster house which has a casual downstairs and a nicer place upstairs. and you MUST have a drink on Sunset Pier during sunset - absolutely beautiful if the weather is good (don't miss this).

          1. I love El Siboney (it's pretty heavy so we usually have a late lunch there), and have had a couple of great meals at Petronia's. Petronia's is good Polish food - sounds kind of strange in Key West, but the food is yummy.

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              Wow! You just listed my two absolutely favorite restaurants in Key West!

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                Petronias closed years ago. Santiagos Bodega is now there.

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                  That's so sad!!! We visited Petronia's 3 years in a row, but haven't been to Key West since 2006, so I'm not surprised, I guess.

                  I need to make that trip again, soon!! I confess I really like Sloppy Joe's sloppy fries - good base for a big happy hour.