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Mar 2, 2008 09:46 AM

Flouring a cake pan--gluten-free alternative?

I'll be making dinner for a group which includes a member who has celiac disease and can't tolerate gluten. I found a recipe for a flourless chocolate torte that looks promising, but it calls for buttering and flouring the cake pan. Can I skip the flouring of the pan, or is there some alternative?

For dinner I was thinking about doing something based on polenta (dinner has to be vegetarian, as well), but I noticed that the polenta I bought (Bob's Red Mill) isn't listed on their list of gluten-free products, and on the label it has a warning that it's processed in a plant that also processes wheat and nuts. Are there other brands of polenta that don't cause problems for celiacs?

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  1. If I'm not mistaken, cocoa powder is gluten-free. So, instead of flouring the cake pan, you can butter it and dust with cocoa powder as you would flour.

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      That's what I do for chocolate items.

    2. Or cut parchment paper for the bottom and outside edge, butter the pan/parchment/butter the parchment. I buy the really thin reusable silicone sheets and cut them to size for my often-used sheet pans, spring forms, even loaf pans. Roll them up and store in the sturdy cardboard tube at the end of plastic wrap.

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        I'm with Nemo... go buttered parchment.

      2. You could use rice flour too- you can mill it down pretty good in a coffee/spice grinder from regular rice, if you don't have any on hand. Potato starch or flour, tapioca starch, etc can also be used. Corn starch even, though since I'm allergic to corn, is an ingredient I instantly think of.

        1. i often use sugar instead of flour - you would think it would be sticky, but it's not. it works like a charm.

          1. I agree with everyone so far: sugar, cocoa, or rice flour would all work for you pan.

            Polenta is a wonderful idea (I have Celiac Disease, too). I make it quite often. The whole possible-processing-plant-contamination subject can get complicated and some are extremely strict and some risk it. You might ask your friend what brand of polenta/cornmeal she uses or recommends.