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Mar 2, 2008 09:33 AM

Need First Date Location on UES, any cuisine!

Hi, I'm seeking a relatively quiet, nicely lighted 'first-date' restaurant of any cuisine (Italian, French, 'American', Greek, Spanish, or any kind of mediterranean, etc...) that has a reasonably good wine list. We both love a good red wine with our meal. This place shouldn't be too expensive, maybe no more than an average of $20 an entree. ANY help is greatly appreciated....

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  1. Uskudar (Turkish) is a tiny place - seats about 22 - sort of family cozy on 2nd Ave. about 74th. Frequented by neighborhood types. Low-key. Family-owned. Nice people. Right price range. You can try the Turkish wines to go with the food.

    1405 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10021

    1. either Uva (italian wine bar) on 76th and 2nd or Canyon Road (upscale mexican) on 75th and 1st. Both have great atmospheres and fantastic food. The wine and margaritas (respectively) can relax you both :)

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        Have I got the place for you!!
        Fig & Olive is a very small walk-down bet. 62nd & 63rd and Lexington.
        It is a Mediterranean place with a passion for healthy dining,hence it uses no butter but olive oil instead and you should taste their dishes.
        Highly recommended.

      2. Canyon Road is a great date place. Good atmosphere, great drinks and quality food. I have never been disappointed and had been there on many dates before getting married last year. There margaritas are delicious, sometimes kind of powerful but a very large glass! I've tried many dishes and they all are flavorful and tasty and won't break the bank. Maya on 62nd & 1st Ave is also good but a little bit pricier. Both can be a little noisy if they are crowded.

        1. York Grill..classy, nice atmosphere, excellent steak, nice wine list.. 1690 York Ave,
          Btwn 88th & 89th St

          1. Agreed w/ Fig & Olive. Perfect 1st date spot.