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Mar 2, 2008 09:11 AM

Bananas Foster plus good food?

Hi - Boyfriend and I will be in New Orleans week of St. Patrick's Day, and want to have a GREAT, FABULOUS, AWESOME meal....and I want to top it off with bananas foster. I know Court of Two Sisters, Arnaud's, and Brennan's all have it...which of those three would you recommend food-wise? Are there other restaurants that serve bananas foster and have better food than the above?


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  1. Although none of the above have gotten good reviews recently, I would think that Brennan's would be the logical choice since that is where the dish originated. My best experience is to make reserves for breakfast on a week day around 10:00ish. Go with a bloody mary, followed by eggs sardou. Top it off with some champane and the banana's Foster. We haven't been to NO for awhile, but I still remember that meal! BTW, Brennans used to sell their receipe book (Breakfast at Brennan's and More}. I think it's worth the price just for the history and pictures.

    1. IMHO, none of the above. You'll get Bananas Foster (incredibly easy to make at home) but not that GREAT, FABULOUS, AWESOME meal. For that try, August, Brigtsen's, Herbsaint or, go to Commanders for lunch (M-F). Dine in the "garden room".

      1. Definitely go to Brennan's. Get a milk punch, Eggs Hussard, Turtle Soup and Bananas Foster for's classic breakfast at Brennan's. Pricey but fabulous.