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Mar 2, 2008 08:41 AM

Food and Wine Festival

Did anyone go to the food and wine festival yesterday?....If so, is it worth going? I am trying to decide whether or not to go today. Thanks for the input.

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  1. i elected not to go because i asked the same question a few weeks ago and got a barrage of negative responses. If you search you can probably find the whole thread on it. Bottom line: wicked crowded, no food but crackers, and tough to get wine due to massive crowds. But if you decide to go please post after so we'll know how this year's was!!

    1. I went yesterday(Sunday). I had a great time as my wife is a member of the restaurant industry and we got in for free with Trade tickets, and we got in early(noon) before the mass public was let in at 2pm. We took our time and tasted many Oregon Pinots, Cote du Rhone and some good Rieslings from New York State. Unfortunately, there were not many sparkling wines, or high-end wines to taste. Once the public was let in at 2pm, it started to get crowded, but not as bad in years past. There seemed to be ample food when I was there until 4pm. If I didn't have trade tix, I'm not sure if I would have paid $85/tix-that seems a bit overpriced-I would say $60 or so would be more reasonable. All in all, a good time.

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        Just curious, was the food "pretzels and dip" like someone mentioned in the other thread, or actual tastings from the restaurants and food purveyors?

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          Saturday was my second year to attend the Grand Tasting and all in all I'd say I enjoyed it. This year's food was MUCH better (imho) than last, with several unique cheese stations and an Alaskan Crab booth being among the highlights. The Embassy of Chile also did a very nice double booth to promote Chilean imports/produce, and I loved the Kerry Irish butter and cheese located right next to it. As for the wines, however, I agree with the poster who said there weren't many highend wines to taste. We only found one booth with champagne but lucked out at a booth for Tricana Imports, where the owner's son spent almost 30 min introducing us to the range of their wines, including some very nice but lesser-known rare Italian reserves. I also felt the cost for it all was reasonable, but mainly because I used a Wash Post subscriber discount to get tix for $75.

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            They had food tastings with wine pairings from some of the local restaurants at the Washington Post stage(small 2 bite portions). Todd Gray from Equinox did the first pairing on Sunday-mmm good. Also, there were other booths giving out free samples of their products(not necessarily restaurants) such as chicken curry, Maryland crab soup, lots of cheese, etc-a good bit more than pretzels and dip.