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Mar 2, 2008 08:17 AM

Edmonton Downtown Dining Week

This seems to be one of the least-well advertised events in this city. Runs from March 7-16, with various restaurants having $15, 25 or 35 menus (some lunch).

I was looking at some of the menus posted for this, and compared to Original Fare group's Forkfest, it looks pretty underwhelming. Many of the restaurants are one's I wouldn't even think about going to anyway: Ceili's (isn't it just a bar?), Spaghetti Factory, Rics, Sorrentinos... Is there anything really worthwhile to aim for. Madison's is on the list, but it looks like $35 gets you 2 courses, which isn't a great deal considering for $45 you can get 2 really good courses at some of the city's best places.

I had thought I might like to try Four Rooms, 1 of the apps and both the entres have artichokes and I am allergic so...not going there.

One that looks interesting is Sultan's Palace, which as a mezes-style menu at the three various prices. Anyone have any experience there? I've never heard of it.

Also on the list is the Creperie, which I have not much interest in but this might be the time if I was going to try it. Unfortunately they don't list the special menu. What do people think of it in general? I'm not a big crepe fan but have friends, newcomers to the city, who really want to try it (they spend a lot of time in France and are crepe fans!). I might be willing to tag along with them if it seemed promising.

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  1. Well, I've never heard of it and yes, the restaurants mentioned aren't exciting. I've eaten at Ceili's in the summer. Hubby loves the fish 'n chips and we wanted a patio seat with a nice beer.

    Now for the Creperie. My in laws love the place but I wouldn't call them Chowhounds. They get a discounted coupon to use on Symphony night so they take advantage. I ate there a couple of years ago and the only thing I can remember about it was how close the tables were to each other and considering how they tout themselves as romantic, being able to fit that many into the restaurant didn't seem romantic at all. I do not remember the food, therefore no impression was left for me to come back for more. I'd be willing to try it again though. Not as a special night with hubby but with a few friends.

    1. The downtown business association is really bad about this; one year I had to remind them to update their website with the list! The last two or three years have gone really downhill in terms of choice. I think most of the good restaurants that used to be involved have jumped to Original Fare's Forkfest instead.

      1. If by "Rics" you mean "Rics Grill" then that is a good restaurant. They know how to cook meat there. I've held several conference dinners there and the service has been wonderful given our large, rowdy groups. Also enjoyed the very garlicky Ceasar salad...

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          Yes, I mean Rics Grill. I don't know about the downtown one, I gave the one in Terwillegar many chances (I live very close), and the food ranged from OK to almost inedible. I think the inconsistency has to do with mediocre restaurants like that having a hard time finding staff in Edmonton these days. My wife and I have pretty much decided to eat out less and opt for quality instead. So rather than 5 to 8 restaurant meals each month, 1 or 2 but at really good places.

          1. re: Dan G

            Same in Calgary. I have never really enjoyed Ric's in Calgary.

            1. re: sarah galvin

              first experience at Ric's was really good, have tried to duplicate 3 times since, continuously disappointed.

        2. I am actually a big fan of the Creperie. It really does remind of the little places I have stumbled upon while travelling in France. I really like it for lunch - the quality for money is amazing. It is good French/continental everyday food - not haute cuisine. And typical of many small French spots, their savoury dishes really are the stars. There are usually a few non-crepre choices. My Mom had a great terrine (I think it may have been rabbit ??) last time we were there and we all poached on her plate. Also they often have good value on a single glasses of wine, matched to your meal.

          Also like Four Rooms, but have only been for lunch.

          I hope to make it to the Sultan's Place this weekend. I love Lebanese food (a passion left-over from living in Ottawa where there are lots of Lebanese places big and little). I will let you know.