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Mar 2, 2008 08:11 AM

Updated King of Prussia Dining?

We will be in King of Prussia for the weekend next week, and in searching the previous boards, I noticed that the newest posts are about a year old. Among the he places recommended in the general KOP area were:
Taqueria La Michoacana
Jasmine Thai
Thai Pepper
Mesa Grill
Desai Indian
Taste of India
Ristorante Primavera
Dolce Vita
My questions are:
1) Are these places still good?
2) Any new and recommended restaurants in the area?
We will mostly not have the time to travel into Philadelphia proper, so we need to stay in the general vicinity.

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  1. If you can give yourselves another 10 minutes, I suggest either the upscale Asian restaurant Nectar in Berwyn or "M" in Berwyn -- a new deli and also restaurant.
    In Wayne there is the upscale Taquet or for Asian food Margaret Kuo's.
    I suspect you might prefer these choices to any on your list.
    In King of Prussia you might want to try Legal Seafoods.

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    1. re: idia

      Thanks Idia. It all depends on timing, so I will certainly add these to the list!

    2. i WISH KoP would update their dining! :) when selecting lunch and dinner places, i find very few are in KoP proper, but if you expand your radius to a 10-15 min drive there are some great finds. haven't been to nectar or taquet in over a year, but both were great at the time.

      Taqueria La Michoacana - still love it
      Jasmine Thai - wow - where did you find this name? when i very first moved here (january 2005!) i ate at every thai place in a 20 min radius of this area, and when i drove to where this one was mapped, saw that it had changed its name to lemongrass thai - and that was over 3 years ago! that is, assuming you are referring to the one on s henderson rd. i haven't been there in a long while - i used to think it was passable, though others didn't.
      Thai Pepper - still like it, definitely the best thai offering you'll find in nearly the entire phila region, even though i still think there's a lot of room for improvement - my gripes revolve around the wine list, running out of ingredients, handling large parties - but the food is still good.
      Mesa Grill - always been curious about the ownership of this place - is it by the same people who do the chain baja fresh? i only ask because the menus and prices are near identical. they are pretty OK.
      Desai Indian - not a fan
      Taste of India - still love em
      Ristorante Primavera - still love em; service a bit slow sometimes
      Peppers - never was a fan
      Dolce Vita - never been, but keep meaning to!

      IN KoP proper, the few places i would revisit are california cafe and legal seafoods, both in the mall.

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      1. re: rabidog

        Thanks for the tips, and perhaps you're right about KOP updating their dining! But I certainly misspoke and meant updated posts. Maybe it bodes ill for KOP anyway since posts on restaurants there are a year or so old!

      2. King of Prussia is a big retail area so the dining scene is mostly chains. Creed's is a good local steakhouse away from the mall. Also there is Sullivan's, Morton's, and Ruth's Chris right by the mall.

        1. this thread has info & is pretty recent, I think you might not have seen it...

          (some on your list do not exist anymore)

          1. I lived in KoP for 3 years and really like Wild Rice! It's Asian cuisine, good sushi...