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Mar 2, 2008 08:10 AM

Sushi in Buckhead

I forgot to ask in my post a moment ago: any suggestions for sushi in Buckhead?

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  1. Taka, without a doubt. Very creative, great quality, tremendously good non-sushi items as well - go omakase if you can.

    1. I went last week to the place in the Disco Kroger shopping center that used to be Soto and very much enjoyed it - very reasonable pricing too. Taka is good, but can be a bit pricey for me.

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        1. re: Bill Greenberg

          Sushi Bar Yu Ka I believe. I had my selection of 2 rolls, salad, and miso for $8

      1. Taka.

        Nothing else needs to be said. Incredible.

        1. I love Genki. I love the Ru San's in Midtown, but I have not been to the Buckhead location. I've had good sushi at Blue Pointe and Twist in the past, but it is certainly not their specialty. I have been hearing good things about Aqua Bistro and MF Buckhead (from the same guys who own MF Sushibar).