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Mar 2, 2008 07:44 AM

Proof menu recs?

Although we have been at the wine bar numerous times, we have yet to get a table at Proof -- a sad thing which will be remedied this friday night. Although i'm WELL familiar w/ the wine & cheese offerings, what would you who have had dinner there recommend to order? I assume they will do wine pairings (the taste size) with each course if you ask? thanks!

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  1. It's been awhile since I've been there but I do remember really loving the gnocchi dish and was tempted to get a double order since it was so delicious.

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      yum...sounds good! Do you remember if it was an app or an entree? i think maybe weekend after next we may try your fave (i think!), Butterfield 9 since that's one nice place in DC we havent' been to. Also, i remember you like Corduroy too...have you seen/heard anything about when they will reopen in the new location?

      1. re: DCDOLL

        The last time I was at Corduroy (which was my first time there) was during Restaurant Week. I feel like our waiter (who was incredible, and I wish I could remember his name because I was incredibly impressed with him) said sometime around April perhaps? I'm not the expert on Corduroy but I know it was a reopening in the Spring sometime.

        I will be excited to see what you think of Butterfield 9. It's not Citronelle or Eve but its consistently good with nice service etc. I always enjoy it as you know.

        As for the gnocchi, I'm pretty sure it was an appetizer or small plate. But for some reason I feel like there were 2 different sizes but I might be confusing it with another restaurant.

        I also remember my friend getting the tuna tartar and saying it was good. Plus their cheese selection is excellent.

        1. re: Elyssa

          We have eaten there a couple of times. The first time we ordered appetizers and entrees. As for entrees, we enjoyed the sablefish but liked the pork loin less. The second time, we ordered a number of starter plates and skipped entrees. We liked the tuna tartare, waygu beef sashimi, and the gnocchi (they come in appetizer and entree portions, the appetizer size is large enough).

          We have also been happy with the desserts we ordered each time -- a cheesecake and a sticky toffee pudding, if I remember correctly.

          1. re: dc_eater

            I'm w/dc eater -- the sablefish is delicious. Also good, along with the gnocchi, are the hamachi crudo and the flatbreads. And the goat cheesecake rocks.

    2. Bumping this.... last minute. Headed over tonight. Any more reccs?

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        My favorite dish there was the veal sweetbreads app. with bacon. Amazing. Also liked the white tuna crudo and gnocchi (small portion is enough to be an entree).