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Mar 2, 2008 07:41 AM

The Butcher Shop on Tremont ?

Would like to get some recent customer / visitor / guest reviews re: best day and time of day, suggested menu items, satisfaction and complaints.

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    1. re: Peter B Wolf

      I think you need to define "recent". Also, have you searched for comments? There might be some responses which qualify as recent already out there. There are a ton of posts on the Butcher Shop.

    2. I get by maybe once or twice a month; it's very convenient to me, and very popular, so I keep ending up there with the many folks I know who don't live in town and are curious about it and want to try it.

      Good: excellent meat snacks (house-made sausages, cold cuts, terrines, etc.), a lovely cheese plate. Highly educated and caring servers: they really know the food and wine, and will take the time to educate you about them if you ask. Utterly calm and relaxed at lunch, a lovely little oasis, my favorite time to dine there. A high quality if expensive retail butcher shop.

      Bad: often packed at night, tough to get enough elbow room and service attention for a leisurely series of small plates, which is how I like to enjoy the place. The crowd is not always the nicest: prosperous and rude is how many patrons strike me. Wines by the glass tend to be very expensive for what they are. (This last topic is a sore subject with some of this place's rabid fans. My examination of TBS' by-the-glass wine pricing clearly riled a lot of people: see ). While it's fun to try a lot of wines by the glass, I think it's better to go with well-chosen bottles. They tend to be far less of a swindle.

      Worth a look, certainly, but I think it's best to bring low-to-middling expectations. It's not hard to spend a lot of money and have an overall not-transporting experience here. I have a much better hit rate on visits I'd call worthwhile, good value for money, at B&G Oyster across the street.

      1. There are very mixed reviews on this place but I personally like it a lot. It's in my neighborhood, I typically find the service to be very knowledgable and attentive, even on the busy nights. Unlike Slim, I don't find the crowd to be rude and prosperous. But I guess I'm usually more focused on who I'm with than who is around me. It can be difficult to get a seat on many nights which is my only real gripe. They have my favorite steak tartare and as Slim said, most of their meats and cheeses are very good. I typically enjoy their antipasi platter, they had a really good sausage sampler on the menu for awhile, the gnudi with bolognese is also good. They had a fantastic burrata on the menu for awhile though it might not be on their current menu which seems to change fairly often.

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        1. re: lissy

          I agree: it's always more enjoyable to focus on who you're with than who's around you. But on packed nights, it can be hard not to get to know one's fellow patrons at The Butcher Shop, maybe a little better than I'd like to.

          It's always risky to make generalizations about a restaurant's crowd -- an experience on a given night is only one snapshot out of thousands, after all -- but I've now got an fat album's worth, and too many of them involve well-dressed people with bad manners.

          1. re: MC Slim JB

            I'm not sure I understand what the problem is with well dressed people. Bad manners are unexcusable but I don't see anything wrong with dressing well. I've encountered people with bad manners at other establishments in Boston but haven't noticed the concentration that you have at the Butcher Shop and I have an album's worth of snapshots here too.

            1. re: lissy

              I dont tend to eat there too much but I do go in to buy a baguette and their truffle butter, it is really good!

              1. re: MC Slim JB

                The problem is that the Butcher Shop is all about the B&T crowd. ;-b

          2. We go there for lunch on Saturdays pretty regularly, but the lunch menu is quite limited so you've got to be prepared for that. The food and service are really nice, and the wine list pairs nicely with the food. It's a great Saturday lunch place.

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            1. re: Valyn

              Agreed. I like it for a mid-afternoon tide-me-over visit on a weekend. It is not so crowded at that time, and the upscale casual atmosphere works for me, where it might not for an actual dinner.

              I'm a proponent of their wine program. Yes, they have some expensive wines by the glass, which for me is a plus because I get to try new things without commiting to a whole bottle. I've discovered a few new favorites this way.