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Mar 2, 2008 07:39 AM

Omakase at Katsu-Ya?

Anyone tried the omakase at Katsu-Ya (Studio City)? How was it? Would you recommend it over ordering from the menu? Also, any dishes not on the menu that you recommend?

Note: I know that more then a few of you dislike Katsu-Ya, or would recommend another sushi place above it. Feel free to mention that but in this instance I need info on Katsu-Ya.

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  1. I just had it on Friday. I like it and it's pretty predictable. Starts with a small sashimi in ponzu, then miso soup with clams. The nigiri comes out two pieces at a time - almost always I get a piece of bonito, salmon caviar, albacore, and unagi, amongst many other things. Friday, I got lovely pieces of yellowtail belly, chu toro, and kanpachi. There is an uni/salmon roe option and two of Katsu-ya's signature pieces come out towards the end: baked crab hand roll and spicy tuna on crispy rice. Then a scoop of ice cream at the end: I love the plum. For the price, it's a great deal. Again, it's predictable, but predictably and consistently good. And I come out very, very stuffed...

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      Could you share the price of the omakase?

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        Omakase is $45 - that is if they will serve it.

    2. Katsu-Ya has a definite place in the LA sushi landscape, and frankly I've loved every meal I've had there. But it's not a place I would generally order the omakase because I like to try their more unusual sashimi dishes, rolls, and of course their famous crispy rice with spicy tuna. I always order off their "specials" menu, although for the life of me I feel like the specials are always the same.

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        Good point - the crispy onions dish and the creamy rock shrimp tempura don't come with the omakase, which are definitive Katsu-ya treats

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          Their creamy rock shrimp tempura is one of my favorite things ever.

      2. I went last night to Katsu-ya (Studio City) - tried to order the omakase, first the waiter said that it would take a bit of time, we told him that we wouldn't mind the wait. He relucently said okay and was back moments later to tell us that the chef who would normally make it was out and that the other chef was new and wouldn't know what to serve. Sounded a little fishy to us, but we said okay and ordered of the board of specials.

        The specials were good. Highlight was the curry oysters with salmon roe. But I don't like the service, it feels very rushed. While we were finishing off our last dishes, the waiter (and then another waitress) came over to ask if we wanted anything else, who wants to be pressured to leave? We finally told them no we weren't done. They got the hint and left us alone for a few minutes.

        I know they have a crowd of people waiting, and they want to turn a table, but we paid good money ($300 for 4), made a point of getting there early before they open to also wait in line and get a table, and wanted to enjoy the meal.

        I should mention I probablly woudn't have chosen Katsu-ya, but I did get a gift cert at Christmas that I wanted to use up. Aside from service the food was delish - I didn't get the tuna on rice patty that seems very popular there (had it before and believe it to be on the verge of gross). So it's not my fav, now I just have to convice my friends that there is better sushi to be had on Ventura.

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          Yeah, a few better than Katsu Ya, which has fun options, but for me is just too full of themey fusiony stuff for the $$.

          I used o lvoe it, then a few years back I wandered into places like Asanebo, House of Taka and more and was hooked on them. Have yet to try Iki and Go's mart, but ca't wait!