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Mar 2, 2008 07:37 AM

Baked spaghetti

Doing some searching I'm finding that you bake the spaghetti in the oven with cheese on top and or layered cheeses for about 30 minutes. Is this at around 350 and do you cover or not cover with foil? Thanks.

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  1. I would think that covering it in foil would serve to steam it a bit. I would suggest no foil...

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    1. re: bigskymind

      Because the idea is to dry it out a bit right? And to keep the pasta from overcooking?

    2. Well it's looking pretty good, got it in the oven now at 350. I used a four cheese mexican blend (pre-bagged) and also grated a bunch of parm on top.

      1. Bake without the cheese on top for about 30 minutes, add cheese, then bake 10 minutes more = gooey cheese.

        1. This is a very fattening, but very tasty dish and great for a weeknight when you don't have time to cook at the last minute. Prepare traditional spaghetti using homemade or purchased sauce, bread chicken/turkey/veal cutlets & fry them up. In greased casserole dish, layer base of well sauced spaghetti, chicken/turkey/veal cutlets, a little more sauce, 1 cup of grated 4 cheese mix (or mozzarella & parmesan/romano). Cover & refrigerate. Next day, heat oven to 350, bake covered 30 min, add 1 more cup grated cheese and some Parmesan/Romano, uncover and bake another 10-15 min. Basically, chicken/turkey/veal parmigiana, but do ahead.

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          1. re: Diane in Bexley

            Well, those sound good! I remember making a fried spaghetti pie, full of eggs and cheese and pepperoni. It was tricky flipping it, but boy was it tasty.

            Baked spaghetti and cheese, I'll have to remember that.

            1. re: dolores

              very nice...making me hungry and I don't usually even eat breakfast!

          2. I agree to all the above. My little twist on the dish is to push small balls of fresh mozzarella down into the spaghetti and sauce prior to cooking. Makes a gooey cheese pocket in the spaghett. Yummy.