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Feb 25, 2002 02:06 PM

Fab Birthday Cakes

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I need some suggestions for a fabulous birthday cake for my better half, who turns 70 soon.


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  1. I just replied to another cake question on here re. a bridal shower cake for a user in Orange County. Here you go!
    We bought our wedding cake here and it was delicious. Try the New Orleans Spice - mocha-ey and so good.

    The owner is so friendly and her cakes are great. She has been written up in many different magazines and wedding books and it hasn't gone to her head a bit! We chatted with her for a long time just because we liked her company so much. We designed our cake and she brought it to life, complete with a unique color buttercream. This is a family-run business; have her tell you stories about all her children and grandchildren helping her bake.

    Joyce Maynor
    Fantasy Frostings
    10050 South Mills Avenue
    Whittier, CA 90604

    For a simple strawberry white cake that is fluffy and light, try Sing Sing Bakery. These cakes are always perfect.

    Sing Sing Bakery
    9600 Bolsa Avenue
    Suites A & B
    Westminster CA 92683

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      Inside the Farmer's Market at 3rd and Fairfax is the Dupar's bakery (it's separate from the restuarant) They have a marzipan cake that is so delicious! It's my favorite cake. It has white cake, whipped cream, berry jam and a layer of green marzipan all around it like a big dome. It's a funny looking cake but sooo good.

      1. re: simone

        Located on sherman Way 2 Blks west if Desoto in a huge ourdoor mall, has a great "chamapainge pudding" filled
        devils food, or yellow cake. Whip cream topping, is my favorite as I find "buttercream" too heavy! I might have to eat a whole one for my 40th B day this march!

        And then go running 15 miles to work it off!!!!
        (Gotta keep in shape for the cycling season!)

        1. re: simone

          They're called Princess cakes. Also sold by the slice at Victor Benes bakeries inside Gelson's markets. And I've seen them at the bakeries in Bristol Farms.

      2. m
        Michael Robertson Moore

        Rosebud in Beverly Hills is very good. Particularly if you have some original design in mind.

        1. Massimo's Delectables
          Redwood at Washington, behind Vans Shoe Store. In Culver City.

          Anything and everything is perfect there.

          1. I'm partial to Sweet Lady Jane, a charming and inventive dessert purveyor on Melrose a couple blocks east of La Cienega. They have a few tables inside and also a small cafe-style menu (sandwiches, soups, coffee), but more to the point nearly every cake is available by the slice if you feel the need to do a little, um, research.

            Sweet Lady Jane
            8360 Melrose Ave
            Los Angeles, CA 90069
            (323) 653-7145

            1. Here's another vote for Rosebud, on Robertson in Beverly Hills. Not only are the cakes just beautiful, but they are sinfully delicious.