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Mar 2, 2008 06:09 AM

Best Lasagna in NoVa-not Balt or DC

I've read through the many comments about Italian restaurants like Dino's in Baltimore in regards to their lasagna.

I would like to find the best Lasagna in NoVa and don't say Carrabba's. I've tried Il Fornaio's and it's not bad but I've had better. Also, please don't start mentioning restaurants that are not in the NoVa area. I will try Dino's if I want to venture out of the area.

What I am looking for is a good portion, price not important, very cheesy, many layers, not too much sauce but thick not watery, pork and beef filling, and very firm especially the noodles. Lasagna shouldn't be like a big plate of "mush".

If it doesn't exist-I'll go outside the area.

Thanks for any and all responses.....

BTW, I've utilized at least one recommendation from every topic I've created so I value fellow Chowhounds opinions and greatly appreciate them.

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  1. don't know if you are anywhere near Springfield but there is a mom & pop italian/greek place called Victor's in the plaza where Whole Foods is and everything italian there is wonderful. all homemade. My husband had the lasagne and declared it great and my father in law said their moussaka (i guess a greek version!!) was as good as he had in Athens. Prices are reasonable and the waitresses have all been there around 20 years so they treat you right.

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      There's a neighborhood joint called Monroe's in Del Ray on Commonwealth & Monroe. I had their lasagna the other day and it was quite tasty. Interestingly enough, I ordered the portabello lasagna and they made the regular meat kind, which I accepted (with the offer of free desert, natch). I'm glad I did. It was yummy.

    2. I like my lasagne exactly the way YOU described it and Emilio's in Lansdowne did NOT disappoint. Very meaty and cheesy, homemade pasta- and you could TELL. delicious hearty sauce with peppers, onions garlic and tomatoes all easily detected and well blended. the portion was more than ample. The Lansdowne center is off of Route 7, toward Leesburg. worth the trip if you are out west...

      1. I don't know if it's "the best," but the meat lasagna at Cafe Tirolo in Ballston/Virginia Square is real good.

        1. It has been a while since I have had it, but if memory serves me correct Argia's in Falls Church had good lasagna. But again it has been a while. Maybe I will have to go back to re-check it out.

          1. I frequent Bebo Trattoria in Crystal City often. They have a small menu, but their pasta's homemade. Their lasagna doesn't have the 'layers' you mention, but it's great.