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Mar 2, 2008 05:35 AM

West Palm Beach area recs

I'm travelling from Seattle to West Palm Beach (I think Palm Beach Gardens specifically) this May. I've never been there before and am looking for recommendations. Not looking for anything fancy, just some good chow. What are the standout restaurants in your area? Thanks!

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  1. I'd say the Food Shack in Jupiter or Charlie's Reef Grill in Juno for very casual seafood. There's a small Vietnamese resto called Vietnamese Express Cafe in North Palm Beach that is very casual. These are all near PBG and about all I can comment on since I have only been here less than a year now.

    Are you looking for any cuisine in particular?

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      No, I'm open to anything; just looking for what's good in that area. Thanks!

    2. Sushi Jo is in PB Gardens...wonderful Sushi! Also, on PGA Boulevard west of 95 there are quite a few good places. Off the Vine, Spoto's Oyster Bar, etc. All good.

      1. Rosa Mexicano located in Downtown at the Gardens

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          FYI to any late out of town readers - Rosa Mexicano has closed

        2. Hayashi Sushi! In a plaza (i know...) near the grocery store Publix near I95 and northlake blvd.
          but it is so awesome. The restaurant is family owned and are just so kind. I have since moved away from the area to go to school but on my breaks I'll return to visit. They always remember exactly where i like to sit, what i drink and what I like to order. It's amazing. I highly recommend it, especially if you go for lunch to order one of their yummy bento boxes.


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            Ok.I really don't know what you are looking for...But if you like the biker crowd, go out and get some tattoos, turn on a Lynyrd Skyrd cd. and go to the Tiki Waterfront Grill at the Riviera Beach marina. If you are a female show alittle skin and have a ball. i have been in Palm Beach county 24 years, and this is the spot to have fun

          2. Palm Beach Gardens area...theres actually alot of new restaurants along the PGA corridor near the gardens mall now. I know Cheesecake factory is always a good bet. Maybe try this place called the Yard that has like hundreds of its own fermented beer!

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              I think you meant the Yardhouse. Never-the-less,, this thread is 10 months old.