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Mar 2, 2008 03:37 AM

Calgary- Good eats

Planning a trip to Calgary in the near future. Have read past posts and don't see a good current run down of best (not nec fancy) places to eat. What is unique for the area. Good ethenic goods,etc. Pls help and advise. Thank you

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  1. Where are you coming from?

    1. Upstate New York.Thinking of flying one way and taking the train back. Years ago I took the Canadian from Vancouver to Toronto but I am not sure I want to do so again.

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      1. re: il davis

        That would be a long trip. I just drove from Calgary to Nova Scotia and back this fall. I have many wonderful flashbacks.

        Tons of good places. Some of my favourites:

        Aida's on 4 St SW - cheap 'n cheery. Mediterranean/Lebanese

        Mercato also on 4 St SW - not cheap 'n cheery but in my humble opinion, the best value for the dollar in the city. Contemporary Italian.

        Everest's Kitchen on 17 Av at 14 St SW- cheap 'n cheery Nepalese food.

        Globefish on 14 St NW - best sushi, reasonably priced

        Centini downtown on 8 Av - comtemporary Italian. Sit at the bar and watch them prepare the meals. More expensive.

        Jaro Blue on 17 Av SW near 14 St - contemporary and creative, good value but not cheap 'n cheery. Nice decor and atmosphere.

        I am getting picky! So many pretentious places have opened over the past couple of years - trendy decor, mediocre food, lots of attitude.

        All the best.

        1. re: il davis

          calgary has no intercity rail, aside from a couple of very expensive tourist trains that head west. No way to train from Calgary east. That's the fed's fault and not Calgary's by the way.

          Here are some suggestions in a few different categories:

          High end splurges: River Cafe (the one must-do resto in town IMHO), Capo, Teatro, Centini, Muse, Il Sogno, The Tribune, Alloy, Seven

          Not as high end but nice: Brava Bistro, Jaro Blue, Artisan Bistro, Wildwood, Divino, Living Room, Opus on 8, Bonterra

          There are many, many Asian restos of most stripes (especially Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian of several types, and sushi); thinner on the ground are non-sushi Japanese though this is changing; we could use more Korean and Malaysian here but you can find these too.

          We have tons of both low and higher end middle eastern, especially Lebanese places.

          We have a growing number of African, especially Ethiopian but also a few Moroccan and at least one Somali places.

          One ethnic cuisine that is virtually nonexistent in Canada is Mexican, and unlike Toronto and certain other parts of Ontario, West Indian food is not easy to find here, but it's around.

          Calgary has a few superb coffeehouses- search here for news.

          1. re: John Manzo

            Good choices, John. I concur re: River Cafe, Wildwood, Divino, Bonterra, Brava. I'm not into African so can't comment. Which Malaysian would you recommend? Also, which Korean?