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Mar 2, 2008 01:07 AM

Help! Need Recommendations for Hubby's Birthday

I'd like to surprise my man with a fun little birthday party next Saturday, and invite 6-10 of our pals. Can anyone recommend a festive spot with wonderful food? Maybe a cool back room? We're in Burbank, but i'm open to Eastside, Westside, Hollywood, wherever.
Thank you!

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  1. What is his favortie kind of food? What types of cuisine does he like? Per person budget?

    If people can blow a wad and he likes meat, go to Picana in Burbank for Brazillian AYCE BBQ.

    If he likes bellydancers and lounging on couches, take him to Moun of Tunis in Hollywood.

    If he has a hankering for Ethiopian combos and hand feeding each other, Messob on Fairfax in Little Ethiopia. I prefer Rahel, but it is vegetarian, ot everyone swings that way.

    If he likes hip French places, Comme Ca is the new darling of the brasserie world.

    Angeli Caffe has great american/cal/italian with a fabulous food. Down the street from Mozza, and less $$$, and less wait. You can't get 6-10 into mozza with such short notice, but Angeli will have no problem.

    Caroussel in Glendale has great food and bellydancers as well.

    Firefly on Ventura Blvd in Studio city is pretty nifty. food is not bad.

    I could offer more ideas with a better set of criteria from you about what you need, as can all the hounds.

    1. We did the tatami room at Musha in Santa Monica recently - perfect for about 8 people - great food, great prices - but you need to supply the festive as there is very little ambiance. Also, as Diana mentioned, Moun of Tunis is also great fun for a cool space for a group (like a funky Dar Mahgreb). I was also going to mention the bak room at Minibar but I hear they recently closed - (too, bad - I liked that place).

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        I also liked Musha for a group. Yummy fusion food (like Japanese & Korean fusion)...they were accomodating when 3 extra people showed up in our group. The waitress was a bit confused as to who ordered what, but overall I'm glad we went!

      2. Had my birthday dinner with 8 people at STK last night and it was a lot of fun. It's a steakhouse, but with more of an LA-Vegas trendy restaurant/bar atmosphere. The steaks were great, the sides were great, the wine was great, the service was good, we loved the DJ (who was spinning mostly 80s for some reason), and the people watching was awesome.