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Mar 1, 2008 11:24 PM

L'academie de cuisine classes

I have been looking on their website for a while to see if there are any good classes (recreational only). They certainly get filled up really fast. Has anyone taken a class there? What would a Chowhound recommend for a couple to take around here? Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. I have taken a couple of classes there. Really great staff.

    The knife skills class was a highlight. I had some pretty decent knife skills but they taught you so much more and showed how to break down a chicken.

    1. I took a bread baking class a few months was fantastic. I've made many-a-loaf since and I've also started making my own pizza dough. I highly recommend their classes.

      1. I have taken a few classes at L'Academie, and loved them all. I took the Thai Cooking Class, Cake Decorating, and a Friday night Southeast Asian Dinner. The Asian dinner was a blast, since my non-cooking husband wanted to take a class with me. It really was a great time......

        They do fill up fast, so get on their email list. When the new schedule comes out, they email you, so sign up quick!

        1. I've taken several of their classes as well--cake decorating, catering, dim sum, Thai cooking etc. They've all been great and a lot of fun, too. Are you looking for a demonstration class (where they teach up front and you watch) or participation? Both are fun, just depends on what you would like. :)