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Mar 1, 2008 08:46 PM

ISO Kosher Halloumi Cheese

where can i find kosher Halloumi cheese? I know they have it in Israel but i cant find it in the states

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  1. have you tried an Arab store or Greek store? They seem to sell a good number of products with a hechsha and you may get lucky.

    1. Did you look at Barzini's on 88th and B'way in Manhattan?

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        I saw a cheese in an Arab store that had in the list of the ingredientes written "Kosher Rennet". There was no Hechsher though

        1. re: mrotmd

          Rockland Kosher (Shopper's haven) in Monsey has Kosher Halloumi.

      2. There is a company in Brooklyn called Fresh and Healthy which makes Kosher Halloumi. I got my grocery store in Baltimore to order it, and it does indeed grill nicely like Israeli Halloumi... unfortunately, it doesn't taste nearly as good as the Israeli cheese, it's undersalted and grainy, not chewy. I think they may sell it at Rockland Kosher