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Mar 1, 2008 08:22 PM

Best of Warehouse district and other musts

Hi, I will be visiting New Orleans for business, staying near the convention center and won't have much time to go outside of the Warehouse district. This is my first visit to New Orleans so I'd like to sample the local cuisine. I will have one free late afternoon and evening to posibly venture into other areas of the city but will be busy in the warehouse district most of the trip. What are the best places to eat near the convention center and other absolute musts to eat at while in New Orleans? Preferably would like to keep this fairly inexpensive, maximum of $30 person meals. Thanks for the input.

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  1. Riomar (lunch tapas), La Boca (skirt steak/fries), dinner only. We enjoyed our dinner at Wolfe's in the Warehouse. They have lunch specials, 3 courses $16.95. ( ... scroll to the bottom). CBD: Herbsaint (lunch/dinner), August (Fri. lunch ), no alcohol about $40 +tip and well worth it.

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      I second Riomar and La Boca, and I would recommend them regardless of where you were going to be in the city. Both are rapidly becoming the locals' favorites.

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        OT as heck, but I love the nym!

        Have not done either and my recs. would all be over the OP's stated price. With a nym like that, I'll jump in and "third," regardless...


        [EDIT] Will mention that Cochon is probably within the price range. I did a review, along with many others in August, '07, that might help.

    2. without a doubt I would do Cochon and Cafe Adelaide in the Lowes on Poydras- eat at the bar at adelaide and you'll stay under $30 pp- Have the abita rootbeer float at cochon for desert

      1. MiLA has 20 dollar 3 course lunches. It's excellent.

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          Tommy's, Cochon of course, MiLA is in the CBD technically but well worth the 3 block detour.

        2. I've had really good meals at Rio Mar, La Boca and Cochon. Either should work well, though you may want to check out the menus and see if you think you're crowd would be into it first...

          If you want to go a step down in price from the above, try the Sun Ray Grill...

          1. Max of $30 and local cuisine... Cochon with no alcohol, same for Cafe Adelaide. Ernst is good and you can afford a beer or three with that limit. It is a very old bar, you might like it. Nothing fancy but you can eat outside and enjoy people watching. They have daily specials, sometimes yummy drippy roast beef. Bon Ton has great local food but entrees are around $17-$22. Red Eye Grill is close to the convention center and has good cheap eats but the only N.O. type thing I can think of on the menu is fried shrimp on bun. Nothing is over ten bucks and you get fries and a drink for that price.