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Mar 1, 2008 07:45 PM

Gluten Free bakers?

I recently discovered that I am allergic to wheat. I then discovered that lots of foods contain wheat flour and have cut out lots of yummy foods, becoming even more selective about all my food choices.

After months of cutting wheat out of my diet and with a birthday coming up in a few months, I need suggestions from foodies for a good "gluten free" baker in the Los Angeles area. Close to the valley or even Ventura County would be ideal.

I'm not looking for a "fat free" or "healthy" option per se, just gluten free. I don't want to eat something with poor flavor and texture - I'd rather starve! But, I do have 2 other gluten free friends who would also like something dairy free and that contains no corn ingredients.

Any ideas?

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  1. Have you checked out the Bakery section at Whole Foods? I know they offer frozen - bake at home - gluten free desserts, they may also have ready made - decorated gluten free options too.

    You might want also want to check Mani's Bakery - I'm not sure if they have gluten free - looks like they have some wheat-free options (I know that's not an apples to apples comparision, but it's worth a try).

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      I like WF sandwich bread a lot and their brownies.

    2. There is the Sensitive Baker in Culver City... although I haven't tried their stuff... it does look good when I walk past!!

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        1. I don't know about bakers, but I just finished making the Trader Joes Gluton Free Brownies for the 2nd time in 1 week.
          They are surprisingly good...I bought them not knowing that the were gluten free until they were home. They are very tastey.

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            was there last night and noticed gluten free peanut butter cookies in the freezer case as well.

          2. M Cafe on Melrose has gluten free strawberry cupcakes that are pretty good. Babycakes in Torrance makes one or two flavors have to call and reserve/order if you want a lot of them. There are fruity gluten free cheesecake slices at WFoods..the strawberry is good, fresh peach also ok...they are pretty sweet. Trader Joe's is on it--they have gluten free pretzels, cake mix, cookie dough, etc. --check out their flyer. And if you are motivated, buy a bag of Pamela's gluten free Pancake Mix at WF--lots of recipes on the bag (i turned the muffin recipe into a loaf cake).
            Good luck!