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Mar 1, 2008 06:42 PM

rec's near brooklyn conservatory of music

My wife and I will be vacationing in Manhattan later this month, and are considering attending a jazz show at the Brooklyn conservatory of music (7pm). Any good places to eat within walking distance? Budget: $100 or less for the 2 of us. Please no rec's without liquor license as we'll want to have a beer or glass of wine. Open to any cuisine except very spicy or unusual. Prefer casual atmosphere/moderate pricing to stuffy atmosphere/fine dining. Appreciate healthy ingredients and preparation (good soup/salad/veggies etc).

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  1. Now, do you really mean Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), which is in Fort Greene, or Brooklyn Conservatory, which is in Park Slope (7th Ave at Hanson Pl.)?

    1. scooter, I don't have much info, but the ad on the web I'm going on said Brooklyn Conservatory I believe (maybe I mistakenly added the "of music"?). The only other thing I have to go on is a phone number for tickets 222-209-3370. If that clarifies the location for you, great, if not, I'll give them a call and get the accurate info. I can't locate the ad on the web anymore.

      1. Yes, you mean the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music on Seventh Ave. in Park Slope. There is a Roy Hargrove concert at the end of March there. There are tons of restaurants along 7th Av.very close to the Conservatory. Hesitant to recommend as not sure what you mean by unusual. Right around the corner are Olive Vine (Mediterranean and BYOB) and Mango Fusion (Thai and serves beer and wine). Both super casual, super cheap and very good. But if that is too exotic, Seventh Avenue has a high concentration of restaurants if you just walk south -- Mexican, Chinese, diner, etc. Al Di La at Carroll and 5th Ave. (a few blocks from the Conservatory) is very good, with good wines.

        1. Thanks cath..... the roy hargrove concert is in fact the one we're considering. Happy to hear that there are many good dining options near-by. I'll make note of your recommendations. Olive Vine, Mango Fusion and Al Di La all sound like good options, or we'll look around as suggested. When I mentioned nothing too unusual, I was trying to communicate nothing too adventurous, which for me might mean squid, rabbit, octopus or who knows. All of your rec's fall easily within our comfort zone. Is Al Di La within our $100 per couple budget? What's the food like? Also, approximately how expensive a taxi ride would it be from the theatre district in Manhattan, and how long a ride time-wise? Is it an easy subway ride as well? About how long would that take and do you know what stop we'd want? Thank you so much.

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            jazzcat, with regard to your transportation options, you might want to give a gander.

            You can easily calculate door-to-door subway/bus options with that website, as well as decent estimates of taxi costs/times.

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              Al di la is Venetian. They don't take reservations and they don't open until 6PM weekdays (5:30 on weekends), so it might be cutting it very close. Take the subway there and you'll save enough to keep your food and transportation costs under $140. Figure about $120 including tax and tip for One appetizer, two entrees and one dessert.

            2. thank you for the transportation tip. i'll check it bummer though, i finally went to the brooklyn conservatory website and it appears the concert i was hoping to attend is on 3/29. the previous listing i had viewed suggested it was on 3/30. at any rate, we're not arriving until 3/30, so thanks for all your tips, but i guess i may not be coming to brooklyn after-all.

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                Don't let the lack of a concert stop you from coming to Brooklyn.