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Mar 1, 2008 06:10 PM

And the catergories are...

So I was reading the post about Clio vs Lespalier and considered the fact that everyone essentially groups restaurants in little packs, so I wanted to run a survey of your top pick for the following classes:

upscale-formal: lespalier
upscale-semiformal: no. 9 park
upscale-casual: olives
aspiring-moderate: franklin cafe
seafood heavy: neptune
sushi: ginza
pizza: figs
sandwich shop: volle nolle
indian: namaskar
grocery store: formaggio kitchen
wine store: bermans
bread: b&r

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  1. clear flour takes it for bread, o ya (or possibly douzo) for sushi. and i might give it to tamarind bay or rani for indian.

    1. upscale-formal: L'Espalier
      upscale-semiformal: Troquet
      upscale-casual: La Voile
      aspiring-moderate: Pops
      seafood heavy: neptune
      sushi: Douzo
      pizza: Regina
      sandwich shop: Michael's Deli
      indian: India Quality
      grocery store: savenor's
      wine store: bauer
      bread: sel de la terre

      1. upscale-formal: L'Espalier
        upscale-semiformal: Hamersley's
        upscale-casual: La Voile
        aspiring-moderate: Central Kitchen/ Rendezvous Central Square
        seafood heavy: Neptune
        sushi: None
        pizza: Bostone on Newbury or Al Forno Providence (totally different)
        sandwich shop: Michael's Deli - Coolidge Corner
        indian: Indian Samarrat
        grocery store: Russo's for Veggies/ Formaggio for Cheese/ Whole Foods for basics
        wine store: Bauer Wine on Newbury
        bread: Clear Flour

        1. upscale-formal: Go to New York - La Bernardin or Daniel
          upscale-semiformal: Troquet
          upscale-casual: Icarus
          aspiring-moderate: 10 Tables
          seafood heavy: Neptune
          sushi: Oishi
          pizza: Regina
          sandwich shop: Michael's
          indian: Grain & Salt
          grocery store: Whole Foods
          wine store: Bauer
          bread: Clear Flour

          1. upscale-formal: L'esplaier
            upscale-semiformal: Sorrellina
            upscale-casual: Teatro
            aspiring-moderate: Pigalle
            seafood heavy: Atlantic Fish
            sushi: Fugaku
            pizza: Regina's
            sandwich shop: Hot Tomatoes
            indian: Diva
            grocery store: Whole Foods
            wine store: ?
            bread: Iggy's