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Mar 1, 2008 05:25 PM


What restaurant makes the best fried chicken in Los Angeles - it is my husbands favorite and we have yet to find anything great

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  1. Cynthia's

    8370 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

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    1. re: wutzizname

      Respectfully disagree. Cynthia's purports to be "healthier" fried chicken, as it's skinless and breast meat. It's overly peppery IMO, and totally doesn't do it for me in terms of a classic fried chicken craving. If I'm here, gimme something light, so I can save room for me cobbler.

      If you're in a hurry and just want to satisfy your craving without restaurant, Albertson's fresh deli section will fry you up chicken to order, and it's surprisingly crispy and well-flavored.

        1. re: Emme

          Healthier? Where do they purport that? Certainly not on their menu. And that's certainly not why I love it. It's just damn good. But there's no way that that giant portion is healthy.

          1. re: wutzizname

            Cynthia herself touted that to us when she was still on board... On one of her off days, she said we couldn't have her cobbler unless we had the fried chicken, "the best and healthiest in the city." Then again with Cynthia... she said whatever fit her moment... Healthy or not, it was always too peppery for my taste, and skinless isn't fried chicken to me ;)

      1. Does Pollo Campero count as fried chicken? It's more like broasted chicken but it is nice, juicy, crispy and oh so tasty. Has various locations in LA. We also like Roscoe's (on La Brea, in Hollywood and Pasadena). And Astro's in Silverlake area makes really good fried chicken too.

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        1. re: gonavera

          Pollo Campero is a chain native to El Salvador, the Pollos there blow the LA location out of the water on juicy, crispy, tasty. I feel like its better in Salvador because of some magical frying oil that must be banned by the FDA. If you're ever in Central America you must go. Anyone who's flown Taca Airlines from San Salvador will certainly have noticed distinct smell of fried chicken emanating from all the boxes of Pollo Campero in the overhead bins...

          1. re: Rockgrappler

            Constant smell on UA GUA to LAX. Love that stuff...

        2. I like Aunt Kizzy's in Marina Del Rey but for a quick, casual place, Pann's is pretty good.

          1. OB Bear is a pub in Koreatown makes awesome Korean-style fried chicken. A whole chicken is split in half and fried until the skin becomes crisp (it's the best part). The meat is also very moist and tender. It's served with a side salt & pepper for dipping, daikon, and cabbage salad. OB Bear also has other Korean "pub food" that's yummy, but I think they're know for their fried chicken. They also have Samuel Adams and Heineken on tap!! And just for my non-Korean brothers & sisters, they have an English menu.

            OB Bear
            3002 W 7th St
            Los Angeles, CA 90005
            (213) 480-4910

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            1. Furaibo, Japonica, bonchon, Kyochon, and any other legit korean or japanese fried chicken.

              soul food kitchen in inglewood
              luna park

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              1. re: jlrobe

                Gotta second Kyochon -- If you're looking for perfectly cooked, flavorful fried chicken. A must try.

                1. re: jlrobe

                  Went to
                  on Saturday...we have already eaten our way through the menu so I thought we'd start all over friend and I BOTH ordered the fried chicken thinking we'd have enough for breakfast in the morning...wrong...not because the portions were small...on the contrary, we each got a thigh, wing, and drumstick...the think was, the crispy skin/coating situation is so damn addictive that I just couldn't stop eating it!
                  We just kep eating and eating and eating, next thing we knew, the bones were licked clean.
                  I LOVE their fried chicken!!! Damn them to he!!! I cannot resist the skin!
                  Aaah, and don't forget some potato salad.
                  Thanks Larkins for making me have to workout more because of all those yummy extra calories!
                  Well worth it!