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Mar 1, 2008 05:03 PM

Romantic Birthday Dinner for couple from DC

My husband is taking me to New Orleans for my birthday in April and would love suggestions for a romantic special occasion dinner. After going through some old threads, we have a short list; Galatoires, Bayona, August. Opinions? Food and atmosphere are equally important.

We already have tentative plans to go to Bon Ton Cafe for regional fare on another night.

We are staying at the Ritz, proximity is not a must however walkability would be lovely.

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  1. I'll be celebrating my birthday in New Orleans in April also, and just made reservations at Bayona. Romantic ambience, delicious food, & close to the Ritz. Enjoy & Happy Birthday in advance!

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      I agree that Bayona is an excellent choice for a romantic dinner. If the weather is good, request a table on the patio.

    2. I'd avoid Galatoire's if you are looking for romance. It's a great old NoLa experience, but the food isn't phenomenal and it's far from romantic. I'm a huge August fan, but they only have a couple of tables that would fit the description of romantic. I called ahead for my birthday dinner there and had a corner table in the middle room that worked perfectly. You could grab a cab and hit either Martinique or Brigtsen's. Martinique's patio is wonderful. Good call on Bon Ton. It's my go-to for out of town clients. Try the Oysters Alvin. Enjoy!

      1. Stella - some of the best food in the city and a charming room as well.

        1. We love to go to Upperline for our anniversary. Delicious food, intimate atmosphere. You can take the St. Charles streetcar and walk a couple of blocks. Love it! Get the sweetbreads...

          1. Thanks to all for the great suggestions! We really can't wait!