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Mar 1, 2008 04:05 PM

Fez -- Charleston

Ate at Fez for the first time two nights ago. The menu is French/Moroccan. It is definitely going into our regular rotation. The chicken tagine (a stew type chicken over rice) was fantastic -- the olives in the dish were good enough to make the whole dinner worthwhile.

The room, while a little dark, is attractive and welcoming. The wine is reasonably priced and the service was friendly and effective.

We were happy we had made reservations, as it was packed -- although some seats at the bar could be had.

If you are going off the Peninsula, it rivals Al Di La as the destination.

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  1. I forgot to add that they have wonderful French Fries -- very David LeBoutillier. Served in a cup, wrapped in paper.

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      Earlier in the spring I took a friend of mine to Fez for her birthday, we both really enjoyed it and couldn't believe we hadn't noticed it earlier because we go to the Terrace fairly often. I didn't try the fries, but the Gaufrettes with Aioli were out of this world too. It's the one time in my life I can see myself being OK with paying $5 for a plate of glorified potato chips. Back after we went I wrote a review of the place for my blog, here's what I said about the lamb tagine:

      "I chose to get the tagine d'Agneau (lamb), which came with figs, apricots, almonds, and shallots. . . When they remove the lid and that first smell hits your nostrils, you know you've made the right choice. It is accompanied by three small Moroccan salads of marinated carrots, cucumber, and eggplant. On the advice of my server I went right ahead and mixed these in with the rest of my plate. The tagine itself was delicious. It was savory and seasoned perfectly. The lamb was tender and fell apart on my fork. I wish I could tell you exactly what seasonings were used in this, but my palate isn't quite that developed. Just take my word that it's awesome. I really enjoyed the almonds in the dish as well. They provided a nice crunch that contrasted the rest of the dish's texture. The apricots were also a pleasant surprise. I wasn't sure what I would think of a sweet fruit in a dish like this but it really worked well with the lamb. The lamb tagine ran me $21 but was well worth the price."

      I'd post the full review, but it would take up way too much space, if you're interested in reading the full review, check out the complete post here:

    2. We enjoyed the pate and onion soup there.

      Really lovely setting.