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Mar 1, 2008 03:21 PM


We had lunch at Salsa A La Salsa one day last week. We tried their Golden Margarita and one of their combination plates. The items on the combination plate were pretty good. They were presented very cleanly with only Mexican cheese and crema and the perfect amount of sauces for each item. Not the best Mexican that we have ever had, but it was good for what we have tried in MSP. Their chips were pretty good and their salsa verde was very good. The Golden Margarita was very nice. The service was fairly slow.

We had dinner at El Mariachi that same day. We have eaten there before with the same results. Three quarters of an inch of cheddar cheese melted over whatever it is that you may order. Service was slow, though we have had very good service there on other visits.

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  1. so what's the best Mexican food you've had in the Twin Cities?

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      I would say, Salsa A La Salsa overall so far.

    2. Hands down, El Loro in Eagan.

      1. The servers at Salsa ala Salsa are quite rude. I avoid the place. If you want really good Mexican food without the attitude, just head south on Nicollet to Pancho Villa.

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          I will second slow service. I have eaten there a few times, as well as a couple of others on Eat Street. There are many other better restaurants....Boca Chica, La Corvina (or something like that in Newport), El Burrito Mercado (for quick and cheap eats), El Amaceur (I butchered that one - down in SSP as well)...

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            Snoboardbabe, could you tell me more about La Corvina (or whatever) in Newport? Is there any chance this place is related to the late, lamented La Corvina on Selby & Snelling in St. Paul. Oh, how I miss their sea bass dinner!


            1. re: AnneInMpls

              Anne, I've really missed the mark. Maybe I should double check before writing my responses! I think it is called LA Cosinita (I never checked the name) and it is in BAYPORT, not Newport. I actually ate there with a friend, and the same friend has taken me there a few times and I have NEVER really paid attention..I just drove. It's cute, quaint, EXCELLENT service, quiet (however, we usually go weekday, not weekend); the menu is fairly small, it's not typical Mexican/Latin food - I had a version of a burrito with chicken and loads of fresh mushrooms in a light gravy sauce (seemed a mix of salsa, tomatillos, chiles and enchilada sauce)...and my friend had something with seafood. They have dinner specials as well....the chips have always been fresh, the salsa (when we've been there, we get two different kinds at the table) and the place couldnt hold more than 20-25? I'd like others to go there to see if the 3 experiences we have had are what other people experience. Friend had sangria (I don't care for it) said it was decent. Margarita was fine-not excellent.