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Mar 1, 2008 03:20 PM

Where to go? Miami Beach or Miami (35 people)

I am going to be entertaining a very large group from out of town in April on a Tuesday and need a spot in Miami or Miami Beach. I want to keep dinner at $40 with tax and tip included per person. They can buy drinks on their own. Any ideas?

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  1. I got married in South Beach 2 years ago in April and we had a rehearsal dinner at Da Leo's on Lincoln road for about 50 people. They set up a nice long table banquet style outside and they have several set menus to choose from. The food was really good and so reasonable.. I think it was around $30 pp with a glass of wine included? The two managers are extremely nice and accommodating.

    Our guests loved it because you are outside at night in the middle of lincold road and the people watching is great.

    1. Anacapri in the Gables just moved to a large and very nice location on 2530 Ponce De Leon. They can definitely do up a large party at that price and have pretty good food overall.
      Anyhow, the recurring theme will usually be the "Italian" factor.

      1. I think there are a number of restaurants that could do set menus for $40 pp on a Tuesday night, including Chart House or Rusty Pelican both of which have nice views. I'm not 100% but we attended a wedding rehearsal dinner there recently and I believe the hosts told us that it wasn't too expensive. I think Los Ranchos in Coral Gables is also very reasonable.

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          Los Ranchos in the Gables is closed. Neither Chart House nor Rusty Pelican are exactly legendary for their food. I tend to agree that Italian is probably the way to go.

          Anacapri has a big space now and if you choose wisely you may be able to get your price. Maybe also Rosinella on Lincoln Road.

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            I will check out these leads. Thanks everyone!

        2. Definitely agree with Anacapri in the Gables. New location and plenty of room...ecellent food and beautiful setting.

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