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Mar 1, 2008 03:13 PM

Going Going to javits Center

any suggestions near for interesting food

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  1. Hell's Kitchen is only a short walk. Search this board for recs there.

    1. Osteria Gelsi, on the corner of 9th Av. & 38th St., is a very pleasant Italian restaurant with delicious food. Not your average Italian since the menu focuses on the cuisine of the Puglia region.

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        strongly second osteria gelsi.
        i reviewed it for this site or a similar one long ago.

        1. re: asnet

          we took your advise and it was great
          thank you

        2. re: RGR

          we took your advice and it was great
          thank you

          1. re: nyron319

            Can you share a bit about the food? It's a place I'd like to try. Thanks!

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              Until nyron319 posts back, I will tell you a bit about our lunch experience at Gelsi. It was a place that I had been meaning to try for some time. The perfect opportunity presented itself when we were walking uptown on our way to a Sunday matinee, passed it, saw that it was open, and looked at the menu. It was their regular lunch/dinner menu, which we prefer instead of eggs-oriented brunch.

              We ordered two dishes to start and shared them. From the antipasti menu: miniature crab cakes, frisee, fried capers, fennel, roasted peppers, and spicy sauce. I was surprised to see crab cakes on an Italian menu, but the chef/owner told us that crab cakes are standard in the Puglia region. These miniatures had a lovely coating, were perfectly fried, and dipping them into the spicy sauce gave them just the right bit of tang. The rest of the ingredients made up a delicious salad around which the cakes were laid out. An attractive presentation and, overall, a wonderful dish.

              From the salad menu: pears poached in red wine with cinnamon sticks, served with arugula, Gorgonzola cheese, bacon, and walnuts with lemon dressing. The poaching of the pears with the cinnamon provided an added sweet dimension to the salad, playing off well against the more bitter arugula, tangy cheese, salty bacon, and slightly tart lemon dressing. A truly well-balanced, extremely tasty salad.

              For the main course, we shared the timballo. This was the first time we had ever had one, and it was fantastic! That's a word I generally hesitate to employ, but in this case, it is not hyperbole. Because of the way the timballo is composed, the kitchen could not split it for us onto two different plates. So, Mr. R. and I just passed the plate back and forth, oohing and aahing after each bite.

              Portion sizes are very generous, and the timballo, in particular, was very filling, so we did not have room for dessert. But I can't imaging at they wouldn't be just as "delizioso" as everything else we had.

              The fact that it's been several months since we had this lunch and the flavors still remain quite fresh in my memory is a testament, I think, to how unusally good this Italian food really was.

              1. re: RGR

                Thanks! My husband and I share your preference for lunch, not brunch.

                1. re: MMRuth

                  ooh yeah. i want to run over there and order the same thing right now. i'll keep it in mind for saturday -- great review.

        3. Uncle Jack's steakhouse on 34th and 9th.

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            we will try the steakhouse on our next visit to the area
            thank you