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Mar 1, 2008 03:12 PM

Taco Miendo should be re-named Taco Bland

Wanted a tasty taco this afternoon - so went to king taco. Parking lot was crazy. So, I headed home and stopped at Taco Miendo (pico/gateway) which - some have claimed has tasty food that's comparable.

I just got tacos al carbon (asada and pollo) and a side of beans. i wasn't expecting the pollo to be anything b/c it's pollo. These were $2.25 each! It said hand made tortialla - so i figured, well, why not?

First, nothing was added to the tacos - no cilantro, no onions, no hot sauce, no lime wedge. They do have a salsa bar with these items, but since I didn't know this until I got home - it was a really huge bummer. I mean cilantro, onions and hot sauce are just standard.

The tortillas were cooked - but had not been placed on any type of grill. They were flavorless. Even a little salt would have helped. Usually tacos al carbon have quickly grilled tortillas. These were just floppy and tasteless vehicles for the meat.

So, i figured - well, I'll just eat the meat and skip the boring "hand made" tortilla. The meat had zero flavor on its own. Niether the pollo nor the asada tasted like it had been marinated at all. It was just plain, dull meat. And, the asada was not at all "crispy" from the gill to give it any other interesting flavor.

As for thier "hot" sauce from the salsa bar. They have a pico de gallo type sauce and then a crushed chili-type salsa. Both were fine, but neither was particularly spicy. And neither had any depth of flavor. It was essentially something that would be at paquito mas's salsa bar. And, I'd venture to say that even paquito mas (which I don't love) has better salsas. The salsa verde was classified as "mild" but tasted like nothing.

On top of all of this - the wait was really very long. I had to wait about 15 minutes for 6 tacos and a side of beans. Not great.

I would suggest avoiding this place if you're in the mood for something with flavor. If not - and there seem to be so many of you - enjoy! I'll be one less customer in line.

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  1. I completely agree! I just tried this place last week after reading raves on chowhound and found it totally mediocre. Maybe it's gone downhill.

    1. Yes. Taco Miendo is kind of boring and overpriced. Taqueria Sanchez is even worse--more bland, but at least the pricing is more in line with what it is. Yet both of these places get inexplicable raves here.
      btw, I don't think they've gone downhill, since they were already downhill to begin with.

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      1. re: slacker

        i totally agree about taqueria sanchez too. i don't know what kool aid folks are drinking before/after they go and then report back here. but it's sad and has led me to many un-tasty tacos.

        1. re: dtud

          Hey, don't hijack a thread about the overpriced, nondescript Tacomiendo to flame on Taqueria Sanchez. The shrimp taco at Sanchez is a special and wonderful thing, well-filled for $1.75 and never overcooked and rubbery. Spice it up with some squeezed lime and salsa roja from their clean and varied salsa bar. I also like their carnitas tacos and usually the al pastor -- I rarely order the carne asada. (All regular meat tacos have risen to $1.35.) Three tacos, complementary chips, salsa bar, and a soft drink, and I've got a delicious, hot, filling lunch at Taqueria Sanchez for less than 6 bucks!

          1. re: nosh

            congratulations - more for you!

      2. Sorry you had a bad experience. I think the key to lots of places is to get the items they're good at and maybe skip the others. I ate at Tacomiendo two nights in a row and had very different experiences. The reason? The second night I decided to try one of the Lent specials (Hmm... lesson learned... the Tortitas camarones con nopales was really, really not so good [but the shrimp "broth" had the salt your food was missing!]). I agree that the salsas aren't the hottest, but sometimes I like that b/c I want to taste the base product and not just fire; still... there could be more heat for those who crave it. I'm kind of working my way through the Tacomiendo menu to ferret out what's special; sure, not all of it is, but some's pretty great. (E.g., IMO the sope was too tough, but OK for my companion; I agree that the pollo is a little bland-- but we found only good quality breast meat, which was nice). So... consider not letting a bad taco al carbon experience force you to miss out on what I think are some great Tortas and some tasty tacos dorados.

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        1. re: comedor

          i understand your point and might agree if there weren't so many other wonderful places in the city. there are too many places to try for me to go back to a place that i thought was just not very good. why should i reward a place or punish myself?

          and even based on your statements - lent special, not so good; sope too tough;pollo is bland - seems like this place has too many misses and not enough hits. i surely do not want to spend any more money (or waste more meals) trying to find the diamond in the rough of the menu.

          and if they don't want to have super hot salsas, that's ok too - just don't label them as "hot." and even ignoring the hottness factor, i found the salsas to be boring.

          1. re: dtud

            Yeah, dtud, I was just trying to be balanced. And yeah, I laughed at what was labelled "hot" salsa.
            OTOH... the fact is, I'll go back over and over again for their tortas and tacos dorados. Loved every one so far, except the chx was bland in the torta and sope. I originally picked the tortas and tacos dorados b/c they were singled-out as good things at this place. Kinda like how the shrimp taco is singled-out at Sanchez (and kinda like how that's REALLY good, but not everything at Sanchez is). It's the beauty of the Board!
            And now I'll commit heresy... I only had King Tacos once and that was my "don't get it" experience (granted it was from a truck at the Rose Bowl- so I'm still open to it, I just won't go out of my way).

        2. So what would you recommend for the area?